Add a Little “Luck” to Your Home Decor

March 2016_1-Luck

A little luck is never a bad thing, right? That doesn’t mean you have to paint everything with a four-leaf clover. Here are five charms to bring some luck into your home decor:

  1. Piggy Bank: Adding a piggy bank to your home’s decor is a double whammy: not only are piggy banks or pigs seen as a sign of good luck in both Asian and European traditions, but the change in the piggy bank method of savings really works. (Just in case you are still struggling with your new year’s resolutions, too.)
  2. Goldfish: Don’t discount low-maintenance goldfish as an easy way to get your kids a pet without having to house train a puppy. It’s said that a couple goldfish (representing good luck) along with one black fish (representing protection) is not only good for the positivity in your home, but depending on where it’s placed in the floorplan, it can bring energy, abundance or prosperity.
  3. Money Tree: You are right — money doesn’t grow on trees. But this ancient plant, distinguished by its twisted trunk, is seen as a marker of fortune as its mythology is tied to a man who took the odd-looking plant home as a charm after praying for wealth and ended up becoming rich off of the plants grown from the tree’s seeds.
  4. Horseshoes: A horseshoe has long been seen as a good luck charm. From being made by blacksmiths (considered a lucky trade) to being forged with iron (a metal billed to keep dangers away), horseshoes can be a quaint addition to decor with hopefully a little luck thrown in.
  5. Sevens: Seven colors in the rainbow. Seven days in the week. Seven deadly sins. The number seven holds cultural and religious significance across the globe and as such, the number has not only gained popularity as one of the favorite numbers in the world, but is also seen as a sign of good luck.

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