Sumee Hewawasam

Sumee Hewawasam


Realty Executives Gallery Properties (Orlando)

2875 S Orange Ave, Suite 540

Orlando , FL 32806

Office Phone: 407.326.6000

Languages Spoken: English, Italian

Sumee Hewawasam - Biography

I come from the pearl of the Indian Ocean, on an Island called Sri-lanka, where I was born. After 20 years, I had the opportunity to travel with my dear husband and explored many parts of the world. Some of the countries that I have visited were Lebanon, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, and Turkey.

Italy was so special because after living there for 17 years, my beautiful daughter came into our world in 1990. Speaking multiple languages and being exposed to different cultures helped me to become open-minded, easy going and the person I am today.

My husband and I decided to chase the American Dream with lots of excitement and moved to America as tourists with a 5-year visa on our passport. We chose to settle in a beautiful area known as Celebration, Florida and purchased a home. While living in America with a tourist visa on my passport, I applied for the green card lottery to be a citizen. After two months of moving to America, I was so lucky and blessed that I was one of the lottery winners among the 50,000 selected throughout the world. After that, everything was so easy and was the beginning to my happily ever after.

My daughter graduated as a valedictorian in Getway High school and selected to attend the University of Florida. After three months, she transferred to Notre Dame University where she met her husband. My husband and I are now grandparents to two very handsome little boys who fill our lives with joy.


In 2013, I graduated from Florida Tech after taking a course in mixology. Throughout the year, I work in retail, as a server, and as a bartender at various theme park resorts such as Orange Lake, Melia Resort in Celebration, and a sport resort in Disney. I am also a photographer in Universal. Working with various companies in different environments helped me master my customer service skills. My goal is to provide my client with the best customer service imaginable.


Member of ORRA-orlando Regional realtor Association
FR-Florida Association of realtor
NAR-National association of realtor
AREAA- Asian REAL ESTATE Association of America

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