Steve Weimer

Steve Weimer

Realtor Associate

Realty Executives of Kansas City (Gladstone)

Fax: 816-455-6666

Languages Spoken: English

Steve Weimer - Biography

In the beginning of my career I was fasinated and drawn to the constrcuction business. I Started by learning the basic skills and knowledge of building homes, streets and businesses, I worked in an Arcitects office in the wintertime and on construction sites in the spring, summer and fall within several fields of expertise throughout the 1970's.

Finally in early 1980 I took a chance with the help of a General Contractor to take on a very large Painting project thus beginning a business that I operated for for over 14 years doing Commercial, Residential and Industrial Painting and Remodeling work.

After a divorce and while still operating my business I began working in the Real Estate business with Coldwell Banker. Since I had a long history of working with Builders, Developers and Contractors I excelled in the new home construction side of the Real Estate business and worked closely with some of the Northlands best Builders and Developers in several New Home Developments. The building boom throughout the 1990's and early 2000's gave me a great opportunity to develop an even fuller understanding of all aspects involved in home building, marketing, developing, plus hands on experience with customers ever changing and evolving needs in their lifestyle.

However as the housing market turned cold during the housing crisis I refocused once again on the basics. I knew full well housing remained the average persons single largest and most valuable asset and also holds the closest emotional tie uniting families available to them. Therefore I turned once again to remodeling and began to utilize my skills and knowledge of construction on further helping homeowners make the needed changes to their current home and further improve its marketability while enjoying the benefits of the modifications they make until the values become aligned again to make their next move.

It is a tremmendous joy to work with homeowners as they have become good friends while building their families in the homes I helped to design, build, market or remodel for them and I am still happy to have chosen such a worthy endeaver in life.