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Slade Real Estate Inc.

Realty Executives Saskatoon

Cell: (306) 222-9992

Fax: (306) 373-7616

Languages Spoken: English

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Slade Desrochers


A little about Slade Desrochers.. I’m originally from a small town in Saskatchewan and I moved to Saskatoon in 1996 to further my education. In the fall of 2000 I began exploring the real estate option, knowing I would be the youngest person in real estate, I felt intimidated but I decided to pursue being a REALTOR® anyway. That’s when I met the Broker/Owner of Realty Executives Saskatoon, and once that meeting took place I knew I had a home in real estate.

The first few years were trying, to say the least, as I was only 21 years old and the next youngest person in real estate was 34 years old. However, I worked hard, and kept on pressing on even when I knew there could have been easier jobs out there. Then in my 4th year things started to really turn upwards for me and I kept working on my systems, learning and striving to be better. Within 2 more years I became the company’s TOP INDIVIDUAL producer, a position I’ve held regularly since. I’ve been involved and have seen almost every scenario that real estate has to offer. This experience has turned me into a well rounded real estate agent.

As you can probably tell, I take a lot of pride in my real estate journey and there have been many things I’ve accomplished during my career that no other agents have done. I want to continue to break records, top produce and be a well rounded REALTOR®. With that being said I look forward to what the next (and best) decade of real estate brings my way.