Shannon Stuart

Shannon Stuart


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Languages Spoken: English

Shannon Stuart - Biography

Shannon Stuart graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a degree in Radiologic Technology. After working for the VA hospital in Long Beach,California, she decided to switch gears and graduated from Kay Michaels School of Design in Huntington Beach. Soon after she married a contractor. As his company grew, they worked together eventually moving from the hustle and bustle to Glasgow, Kentucky.  

Shannon has taken her love for design and marketing and transitioned them into real estate. With experience in many areas, including home building, decor and sales. Shannon has a tremendous vault of wisdom that includes almost every sector of home planning, purchasing and selling.

“I have had a great deal of experience with customer satisfaction in the home market sector and owning several businesses. I believe some of my greatest assets are my marketing skills and personal relationship skills with various walks of life.”

Her hobbies include traveling, boating, cooking, entertaining, decorating and refurbishing old furniture in innovative ways. She is an experienced world traveler with a very large family spread out all over.  Her two children are graduates of Marquette University in Wisconsin and the University of Alabama.

As an avid mover, she uses her wisdom to help others facing the process of relocating. Shannon’s multiple careers have greatly prepared her to understand and really listen to her client’s needs. Her desire is to help those facing the many difficulties and decisions of buying and selling  as her and her husband have been through so many times.

“Sometimes we had to choose a home in a weekend!!”

Shannon would love to work with empty nesters as well as first time home buyers. She knows how important school districts become when considering a home location.

“I am really inspired by savvy business women that treat their clients with grace and dignity. That’s what I hope to be and aspire to be excellent in caring for my client’s needs.”



As an avid mover, she uses her wisdom to help others facing the process of relocating

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