Richard Miller

Richard Miller

Broker of Record, CCC, CET.

Realty Executives Allegiance Ltd., Brokerage

Cell: 519-868-8328

Fax: 519-681-3888

Languages Spoken: English

Richard Miller - Biography

Richard Miller, Broker of Record and Owner

Where were you born (city):  Pembroke, Ontario....Raised on a 300 Acres farm, Dairy to start then moved to Beef.

Best Memory About Child Hood:  Living in the Ottawa Valley was a nature lovers paradise, referred to me many times as Gods Country....mountain, lakes, trees, great for hiking, biking, fishing, 4 wheeling, snowmobiling.  Love to take the trails at night and drive all over the country.  Snowmobiling to some destiny, augering a hole and setting a line for the big one......tranquility and nature at its best.

Who was your best friend in grade school:   There are too many to name, as they were all my best friends, but i would say, my cousins top the all for we swam, played, fished, and generally were around each other every weekend.

Favourite Movie of all time:  Avatar.....followed by Star Trek.

Best Vacation Ever:....Cuzumel, Mexico.....The world of Diving came alive when i passed my Open Water Diving Training.  The Ocean is like being in space, no gravity, weightlessness and vast arrary of mammels, fish and other creatures.  The ocean is that one frontier that only a few of us will ever enjoy.....every dive is fasinating.

Favourite Pastime/Hobby: life, my creative and most relax part of me.  I have played in many bands and continue today as a composer, artist, musician and song writer.  I will always love music.

Favourite Sports Team:  Montreal Canadians.....they have the poise to win the next Stanley Cup.

Favourite Food and Why:  Veggies and Fruit and Steak.   I love a good BBQ, plus I love to cook or create a wonderful salad.  Ask me about my juice mixes in the morning.

Favourite Restaurant and Why:  Little Ceaser, they always get it right.

Favourite Memory as a Child:  Would have to be swimming with my cousins down at the lake and enjoying the BBQ steak, veggies and just enjoy the company of my family.

Favourite Song:    I have so many.....AC/DC....shook me all night long.

Next Place You Want to Visit and Why:  Hawii.....the diving and lush islands.....then Africa.

The principals you live by:  Learn from your mistakes, treat others like they are people, give when you can and live a life of honesty and trust.  Love your wife like you'll never see her again.  Help others succeed in life.

What do you want to be remembered for:  My contributions to life and this world.

Favourite Pet:  My Bass Guitar.






Areas Served

Known for his commercial real estate focus, Richard reaches out and works with clients across Ontario, with major focus in the London St.Thomas region and 2 hours around it - what most would know as SouthWestern Ontario.


As a full time commercial broker of record/owner, Richards focus is in achieving and maximizing the returns for his clients real estate goals.  He does this by knowing his clients overall real estate goals and working towards their current and long term goals.   

With a strong belief in ongoing education, Richard continually immerses himself in new areas of real estate, with the goal to better service his clients.  His most recent knowledge expansion included land developments: learning about planning, zoning, how to change zoning, the democratic composition of a council and the meetings and public awareness, where he learned to challenge the idea of buying a piece of land, changing the zoning, working with owners to develop the land, understanding site plans, services, landscape arctecture to building residential or commercial or institutional buildings as the final step.

Other assets that round out Richards real estate strengths is his solid understanding in varied disciplines such as Mechanical Engineering, property law, Electrical and Electrical Codes, HVAC, Renovations, Plumbing, the Building Code and Fire Code.  In both commercial and residential real estate,  investors, buyers or sellers want to work with someone with a wide variety of experiences and knowledge.  Richard brings many years of working in Engineering and Renovations that help his clients make solid business decisions on buying, selling or investing in a wide variety of real estate. 

Richard is your Commercial Real Estate investment advisor with experience in: Apartments (12 plexes to 100 unit buildings); Residential and Commercial land developments; mixed use buildings for renovation and usage and, mult-plexes, duplexes.  Growing up on a beef/crop farm in the Ottawa Valley, Richard also has the experience when it comes to selling farms.  As an Mechanical Engineer, he has located, outfitted and created manufacturing plants for custom built machinery making him well versed in assembly lines, product recycling and recovery for manufacturing processes.