Kay Winefordner

Kay Winefordner


Realty Executives Solutions

4924 Tamiami Trail South

Sarasota , FL 34231

Voicemail: 941-302-1707

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DRE: DRE# SL658857

Languages Spoken: English

Kay Winefordner - Biography

A self-starter, Kay Winefordner earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Blackburn College of Carlinville, IL at the age of 20. Before beginning her real estate career in 1997 in Sarasota, Florida, she owned a myriad of companies. Drawing from her many business traits acquired, she quickly became one of Sarasota's Top Producing Real Estate Agents. Along the way to achieving this honor, she gravitated towards working with investors. She takes pride in building relationships with investors that are steeped in loyalty and trust. "What I enjoy most is helping others to become successful investors because they listen and understand intently what I am teaching them from my personal investor experience." Kay has been through the school of "hard knocks" and knows from these experiences what NOT to do as well as what should be done more often. It is these experiences that she imparts to others to help them achieve their financial goals through real estate.

Along with experiencing managing her own real estate portfolio, Kay has mentored and taught several new Realtors®, has been a principal partner in a Mortgage Company, and has joint ventured with aTitle Company before.  
Since February of 2006, she has also taught numerous classes on real estate and mentored many students on real world knowledge of how to take action and do real estate investment deals after instructional class time and training many Realtors in general Real Estate Practice.

Presently, Kay works some as a REO real estate agent and has over 70-100 short sale negotiations occurring at any given time. Plus she has listings and sales that are NOT distressed. She is no longer traveing all over the United States but is quietly devoting herself to Owners of homes that are in trouble who need her expert help in dealing with their mortgage lenders. 


And when Kay Winefordner sharpens her focus, dreams become realized.
As the youngest of four children growing up in Chicago, Kay was instilled with high standards from the beginning.  She was taught the value of work.  Kay learned that lesson well because she ended up completing college by the age of 20 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Adminstration and Management.  Her ability to focus on a goal is always her clients and customers goals.  Never her own and not all Realtors have that ability to only focus on what the customer wants, needs, and deserves.


Sharp Focus is another area in which Kay really excels is in her career as one of Sarasota and Manatee Counties, premier real estate professionals using the same kind of dedication to hard work that is exeplified in all her endeavors such as earning a black belt degree in karate.  This goal-oriented professional is constantly exceeding the expectations of both buyers and sellers.


Additionally, She is also a professional BPO (broker price opinion) agent and completes these for Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Citi Mortgage, and many others through vendors that she has had a long standing relationship with. In 2009 alone, she completed over 200 BPOs and is well known in this industry when it comes to configuring values of real estate.

But most importantly Kay enjoying spending time with her family and two dogs, as well as entertaining, culinary arts, diving, and traveling to places she has never been before. 

So when you decide that you'd like to buy or sell a home in the Sarasota areas contact me!

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