Jennifer Badner

Jennifer Badner


Realty Executives California Coast

2310 Ponderosa #21

Camarillo , CA 93010

Direct Phone: 805.404.9653

Mobile Phone: 805.404.9653

Languages Spoken: English

Jennifer Badner - Biography

I am the youngest of 12 children and a native Minnesotan who likes the warm Camarillo sunshine! I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from CSU Fullerton. I majored in Marriage Family Therapy and became a professional Realtor in 2004. My husband grew up in Thousand Oaks and his family still lives there today. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in Urban Planning and Development. We raised our two children and participate in all the local family activities. With over 20+ years of experience in the real estate industry I am very knowledgeable about Ventura County living! My combined skills in Family Therapy and having been the Executor for my Mother's Estate, I have a special skill set to work to families as they transition during life changes, downsizing and handling of the estate. As your Realtor, my sole focus is to give you the executive treatment you deserve. From listing at the right price to making the best offer, I will be there every step of the way. I am immersed every day in all aspects of the process - comparable home price analysis, property surveys, credit reports, open houses, HOA agreements, lenders, title companies, homeowners' insurance, terms of sale or purchase, repairs, concessions and closing documents and much more - and I will put that expertise to work for you.


Downsizing Agent:

I am highly trained and experienced in helping clients through the downsizing process. Moving for anyone who has lived in their current home for momre than 10+ years can be a challenging task! I help my clients from start to finish including:

  • Determining the best type of downsizing home that fits their needs. It might be downstairing...not actually decreasing square footage, but moving into a home that suits for future needs to have all their living space on one level.
  • Determing how to sort through all the personal items that they have accumulated over the years and how to successfully downsize not only their home, but their stuff!
  • Successful sale of home! We work together to stage, market and sell your home by using the latest internet marketing tools to reach as many buyers possible.

Inheritance Agent:

The sale of a home that has been inherited by one or many family members is one of the most complicated transactions in real estate. My expertise and education in Family Therapy has given me a skill set like no other Realtor. The process of selling a family home involves several stages that are unique to this clientele. We will work throug many steps that a traditional real estate transaction doesn't experience:

  • Properly handling the personal items left at the property.
  • Determing the proeprty value at time of death.
  • Helping the various family members work through the process of the sale.
  • Properly handling of a vacant property.
  • Communicating with multiple heirs who many times are living out of the area.

This small list just touches the surface of the process without discussing the emotional process that families go through when they sell the family home. I am trained in all aspects of this process and have several references upon request.


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