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David Bieganski - Biography

I have lived here in Arizona for over 20 years. I moved to Ahwatukee with my family from California in 1993, and lived in this area until after I graduated from Desert Vista High School in 2001. I have lived in various parts of the valley since then and watched it grow over the years into what it is today!

I have always gravitated towards real estate. The idea of real estate doesn't just involve your house. It's your home, an extension of the personality of you and your family! Also, for most people, your home contains a significant portion of your wealth. For these reasons, it is important to work with a REALTOR® that truly understands this when the time comes that you and your family decide to move!

Moving involves much uncertainty, and this uncertainty can lead to stress. My job as your REALTOR® is to take away this stress by guiding you and your family smoothly through each step of the home transitition process. This guidance will allow you to focus less on the small trivial matters of moving and more on the things that matter most, such as decorating and getting settled into your new home! It is my personal goal to provide outstanding service during your home transitition so that all of your concerns are addressed and your real estate goals are achieved!

There are many reasons where moving makes sense for your family. Perhaps your family is growing, and you need a bigger house. Or maybe the kids moved off to college, and it's time to downsize. How about if you just don't like your neighbors? If you and your family are considering moving, call me today at (480) 326-2455 to discuss your real estate needs. If you own a home that you are looking to sell, I'll provide a free home evaluation so that you can confidently make the right choice! If you're renting and are ready to achieve the exciting status of being a homeowner, I can help by guiding you through the first steps and get you prepared so we can begin searching for your next home that is perfect for you! Of course, if you just have a question about a real estate issue and are not ready to move at this time, please do not hesitate to ask!

I very much look forward to working with you during your next home transition!

Areas Served

Greater Phoenix

I provide great service to my clients across the valley! Great service is achieved by the strategy that I implement while representing my clients. If you currently live in Greater Phoenix and are considering moving to a different part of the valley or just moving into a more suitable home in your existing area, call me today at (480) 326-2455 to learn about my strategy and discuss your real estate needs!



I currently live in Peoria and provide great service by bringing awareness of up-to-date market activity to homeowners throughout various neighborhoods located in the northwestern parts of the city. Peoria offers clean new homes and businesses, a top-notch school district, and many family-oriented parks throughout, making it a very desirable place to live and raise a family. I encourage you to explore this amazing city and see if it is a suitable place for you to bring your family to live!


  • Primary Residence

I specialize in helping ordinary people with families move into the home that is perfect for them! Selling your home is just one step in the moving process, and my objective as your REALTOR® is not to just sell your home, or to help you buy your next one, but rather to guide you smoothly through each step of the home transition process.

  • Second Home

Arizona is a wonderful place to live and offers many months of desirable climate throughout the year! I also specialize in helping people find that perfect second home for them so that they can spend their time enjoying the climate here in Arizona during these months.