Darren De Wilde

Darren De Wilde

Broker-Of-Record, Licensed Title Producer NJ

Realty Executives Unlimited

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Freehold , NJ 07728

Languages Spoken: English

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Hi, and thanks for stopping by to read about my background in New Jersey real estate and marketing for the industry.  Here I'll be talking a little bit about where I started and the path that took me to brokerage ownership with the all awesome, Power Broker - Realty Executives. 


Assistant Marketing


I started in the Real Estate business in 2006 by providing I.T and Marketing support, creating advertising and managing the image and professional profile of a top producer at a real estate office in Freehold NJ.  I created listing brochures and built her online presence as well as making prospecting calls and setting appointments and managing the marketing of those listings.



Since I seem to have a natural understanding of technology and can apply and implement online and design ideas quickly, I was able to position the producer ahead of her competitors, causing a search of her name to return pages of results and placing her listings in front of specific audiences for higher sales.

Real Estate School and Licensing

I obtained a Real Estate License in 2009 because I wanted to extend the skills and problem-solving techniques I had learned over the three years prior.  I wanted to help realize the dreams of homeownership of first time buyers and to assist and apply sales and negotiation knowledge that had been given to me.  I remember the first time I turned up for real estate school because my back was causing me excruciating pain and the desk and chairs looked as if they had been rented from a preschool. Only a day before, cleaning old stuff out at home, I’d picked up a heavy Kenwood Speaker and proceeded to carry it...badly…the next two weeks were intense, but I was thrilled to have passed first time. 


Three years passed, and I continued to work with the top producer I has been with from day one. Many transactions and deals closed, and problems arose and were solved, other deals caused great anguish and stress, others died some never started.  I spent months on the phone adapting different cold call techniques and getting rejected on some while succeeeding on others.  Some couldn’t get my accent, its deep with this so-called Brogue. I increasingly got more than I lost and soon found I was almost addicted to calling, often skipping other forms of prospecting because I felt the phone was the only channel at the time to deliver instant results outperforming mail in time and cost and door to door prospecting in time and energy spent while being a seasonal method. Calling was to me the best possible resource to getting in the door. 


Soon after I had broken into a full run with my real estate career, the financial crises struck, and the market seemed to have got sucked into an invisible vacuum.  It was tough, but I managed to understand how to work with lenders when we had a sale and then found out they owed more than the house was worth. Today it is a much more different arena to when I had to find myself around a maze of confusion. Since lenders had not been prepared for Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) resetting and folk losing jobs and getting divorced, it was pandemonium.  Total chaos.  The lender or bank had no idea how to process the problem because Loss Mitigation departments had not been set up, Foreclosure prevention was almost unheard of and banks love to foreclose – everybody knows.  I had learned a lot from reading the styles of attorneys’ letters during review and the sales process to closing, the stages and phases the sale went through so I was primed to write the best reading, tear jerking hardship letters for the seller. Hardship descriptions used to make an enormous difference as to the distance the application would go. required for the lender to look at their situation.  I could explain to the home owner in detail the process of the short sale, the risks and managed to take away the fear I saw in the home owner. Often sellers do not know their rights and the procedures required by the lender and become terrified when they receive a Notice of Default.  I closed 98% of the short sales I processed becoming more knowledgeable about the process and how to work with the lender and buy the homeowner more time to reach the best conclusion.  There is always the good ole IRS to worry about too…you might want to give me a call if your gulping over a gloomy situation with your home.


It takes a minimum of three years full time real estate to become eligible for Broker licensure. You must go back to real estate school and then pass the state test again, except this test is created for brokers not salespersons, so there is more math, more law and office management not forgetting the trickiness of State exam creators.  I passed my Brokers License first time after hovering my cursor over the submit button for what seemed an eternity.  Shaking and nervously sweating I pushed down and reluctantly released the left mouse button.  The point of no return. I was again thrilled to have passed the first time.  I was now in position to help run the office we had opened.  I returned to school for the third time, this occasion to obtain a Title Producers License in New Jersey which seemed far more complicated and difficult than the two Real Estate exams I had got through.  I was again surprised to pass on my first attempt, feeling more relief than ever before because it was a much harder exam.


A few years later again, I found myself in unfamiliar territory. We ran into some problems and headaches that resulted in some drastic changes.  More trying and challenging times followed and then with the newfound outlook I had found from the pressures and difficulties of office management and people pleasing, I was in an ideal position with a difficult spell in the past to take on the thrilling and awesome task of developing Realty Executives in Monmouth and Ocean County.  All the years of learning and understanding, failing, failing and then retrying, have put me in the most advantageous position because I have the experience and positive forward propulsion to manage and lead my agents into an extensive roster across a diverse and broad network of offices strategically placed for maximum performance by my Executives and their clients. 


If your looking for a Real Estate Executive, an expert in the Real Estate game, turn to Realty Executives and receive unlimited service, performance and results.


Realty Executives is the company, choose my route to Unlimited Success.



Darren De Wilde

Broker Owner

Realty Executives Unlimited

Freehold NJ 07728





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