Allan Landa

Allan Landa


Realty Executives Bayview (Courtenay)



Languages Spoken: English, Hebrew

Allan Landa - Biography

Allan Landa – President of Realty Executives – Bayview Inc

 and Bayview Strata Services Inc.


    Allan has been in the property management business for over two decades. During the last 25 years Allan, has successfully owned/built and operated strata management companies in British Columbia.

     After 3 years working as a property manager, in May of 1996 Allan formed a brand-new Strata Management company called Pacific Property Management Ltd. On January 1st 2000 Allan merged Pacific Property Management Ltd with ColyVan Properties Ltd and formed ColyVan Pacific Real Estate Management Services Ltd

     ColyVan started in 1989 as Coopers Lybrand Vancouver, when 3 of the (Cooper’s) partners took the management portfolio private, and ten years later, partnered with Allan to build a much bigger business. Fast forward to 2016, September 30th. After 20 years, Allan successfully sold the entire business to his senior Management team making for a seamless transition for both the business and the clients, the business consisted of the ColyVan Pacific offices in both Vancouver and Surrey and another management practice in Nanaimo called Concise Strata Management Ltd. in total, managing over 10,000 client suites (doors) in over 200 Strata Corporations throughout the lower mainland and all of Vancouver Island.

      Marketing, good service and organic growth account for some of the business success, but business acquisitions have also been a key component. Some examples of companies Allan has personally (through his company) purchased/acquired since 1996 and merged together – ColyVan Properties Ltd. - Goddard and Smith Property management - Avalon Properties - Roberts projects - IPM Strata Management Inc. - Urban Properties ltd. - Concise Strata Management - VI Strata Financial.

    Developing management systems and working with new Technology has been a focal point for the business direction Allan has followed. In 2000 Allan, together with 2 partners built a very early document management/web based portal system for Strata’s called Asenda Systems. Allan rolled this system out to all his client buildings from 2002 -2010.

       In 2012 Allan migrated from a legacy accounting system to an integrated web based accounting system called Infotracker, this was a streamlined approach to accounting and integration of property management functions.

     In 2015, Allan built a proprietary web site with integrated interactive web portals and built/developed a bid management/trade directory web portal called also integrating into the site and (google them).

   October 1st 2016, after 2 years of talking to Brian Moran, the owner of Bayview Strata Services, Allan was able to orchestrate a transition of ownership that will be seamless for the business and the clients, except for the fact that Allan will be working to improve on every service Bayview offers including implementing a new web site and building proprietary web portals for owners’ access to their accounts and history online……….. end of Bio.




This is where we are at today…….

March 2018

After less than a year and a half operation Bayview, I have been successful in purchasing, amalgamated and transforming - The Kerr Group Management Corp. and Blackbrant Management 1995 Inc. and Realty Executives North Island- Courtenay and Campbell River, into Bayview Strata Services Inc…… DBA- Bayview Strata and Rental Services. Offices operating in Parksville/Qualicum,  in Courtenay, and a 3rd Bayview office in Campbell River.

Today, Bayview manages over 110 Strata Communities throughout - Mid Vancouver Island From the east coast primarily, to the west coast in Tofino, and hundreds of single unit rentals.


As we move forward.

We are also owners of, 3 franchise locations of “Realty Executives” which we are currently in the process of setting up and operating in each of our 3 “brick and mortar” locations.

I am working on my business to expand the foot print to Victoria so that we will be all up and down and across Vancouver Island.

I have been very successful in providing an excellent work environment which allows me to have the best staff in place. All offices are fully staffed. This operation has Brokers and operations managers in place.

I do not work IN the business, I work ON the business.