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Purchasing a Home in The Villages Florida: there are three ways to become a Villager: Read More

Property Taxes in The Villages: The Villages occupies a portion of Sumter, Marion, and Lake Counties. These counties collect ad valor um property taxes and non-ad valor um assessments. Property taxes are assessed and collected in arrears on a calendar-year-basis. Non-ad valor um assessments, appearing on the property tax bill, are collected in advance on a fiscal-year basis (Oct. 1 through Sept. 30). As seen below, tax rates and assessments can vary substantially among the three counties. There is no CDD Bond or CDD Maintenance assessment for homes in The Villages of Lake County north of CR-466: Read More

The Villages Cost Of Living: While most fixed and non-discretionary costs of ownership are fairly consistent among the various villages, the annual CDD Assessments can drive the total cost of homeownership up dramatically: Read More

The Village Property Assessments: The cost of financing (CDD Bond Assessment ) and operating infrastructure (CDD Maintenance Assessment) are collected along with property taxes as “non-ad valor um assessments.”  Meaning: These assessments have no relationship to the purchase price or appraised market value of the property: Read More

Understanding The Home's Purchase Price: The Purchase Price for a pre-owned home in The Villages is the “negotiated listed price,” plus the assumption of any remaining bond debt.* In the case of a new home purchase, the total purchase price is the “non-negotiable” advertised price, plus the bond debt, state doc stamps and the cost of title insurance: Read More

Selecting The Best Home Locations: The Villages is a self-contained retirement community with about 120,000 residents. While The Villages has an abundance of recreation and commercial amenities, your home’s location relative to these amenities will impact your ability to fully enjoy a lifestyle that is second-to-none:  Read More

Before Buying a New Home in The Villages: A Newly Constructed Home is a “spec home,” a pre-owned home that’s never been lived in.  Some folks are determined to buy a new home and never consider a pre-owned home purchase.  Other folks start-off willing to consider pre-owned homes but end up emotionally attracted to a new home purchase while touring new home models on their “Lifestyle Preview” visit.  This may be your last really big investment.  It's best to resist allowing your emotions to curtail your research.  Read More

The Villages is Not a Gate-Restricted Community.  It is a series of contiguous, special-purpose municipalities (CDDs) with gates that do not restrict access by the general public.  Therefore,  Read More

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