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Owning a Home

      One of the largest purchases people make is a home. When thinking about it, a car is the stepping stone of ownership. With a car, regular maintenance needs to be done and repairs need to happen the longer we own the car. If a used car is purchased, repairs are typically assumed to happen at some point in time. A home is no different. Many times, the first home purchase is used; meaning the house is older and someone else, if not multiple people, have lived in the home previously. When owning a home, regular maintenance is required and repairs will need to happen.

      Regular, seasonal maintenance is a responsibility of ownership; just like changing the oil in a car every 3-5,000 miles. Some of the key maintenance items that I take care of regularly while owning a home include: checking and refilling salt in the water softener, checking and replacing furnace filter, clearing debris from exterior of home, checking and cleaning dryer vent, inspecting roof for missing shingles and/or leaks, and refinishing the deck. Cleaning a home is done daily which allows for checking of plumbing leaks, potential window repair, and cracks around the home. If regular, seasonal maintenance is done to a home, sometimes higher cost repairs can be avoided. A recommended checklist of home maintenance for your home can be found using Better Homes and Gardens magazine article.

      Please know that even though regular, seasonal maintenance is completed, home repairs is part of owning a home. This is probably why my dad always advised that I should try to have money in a savings account for emergencies, most of the time this money was used for home repairs. I will never forget coming home from work one day and water was all over the floor in my kitchen from the water heater. My savings covered most of the cost to install a new water heater and my labor for cleanup. At the time, I was living in an upper condo unit and the water heater had leaked through the floor boards into the kitchen of my neighbor in the lower unit. Unfortunately, the leak had occurred over time and gone unnoticed until its breaking point. My neighbor had been on vacation visiting her family and found the damage to her unit upon her return. Thankfully, both of our home insurance policies covered most of the repair costs.

      My point is that there is never a guarantee that everything will be in working order when moving into your new home; just like when purchasing a used car, repairs are inevitable. This is one reason for a home inspection being done while making an offer to purchase a house. However, even the home inspector cannot predict when large mechanical items will breakdown. Most of the time we are buying a used house and there is no guarantee that regular, seasonal maintenance was done by every owner of that house. A home inspector may recommend items be further inspected by experts, like having an HVAC professional inspect the furnace or air conditioner. This is the reason there is a home inspection contingency while purchasing a house; further negotiations can be done if items are found or you walk away from the deal because the repair cost will be too high giving you a chance to locate a different house to call home.

      When you do move in and own a home, there are going to be repairs needed. When that time comes, it is a little easier knowing which professionals to use. Talk to your family and friends about who they have used for home repairs. To help, here are some professionals that I have used or been recommended over the years while owning various homes:


Menomonee Falls Carpet Cleaning, Tony Micelli, 262.255.2004

Sixth Sense Service, Russell Lorbiecki, 262.955.8748 - repair appliances without needing to purchase new

Mobile Repair Guys, Russ Benser, 877.886.3638 or Chris Grudzinski, 262.689.3140 - repair lawn mowers or snow blowers onsite


Garage Doors

Hartland Overhead Door, Chad Lindmark, 262.966.9811

Cedarburg Overhead Door, Jerry, 262.377.3620



Landscape Masters, James Schumacher, 262.617.5019

Creek View Landscape, Steve Zoromski, 262.644.9622

Level Headed Mudjackers, Sam Abraham, 414.353.3133


Granite, Masonry

Anderson Granite Works, Gary Anderson, 262.252.2035

Grimm Construction, Barry Grimm, 262.965.4312



John Mitchell HVAC, Jon Mitchell, 262.229.5698

Horsch & Miller, Joe Kedinger, 262.644.5466


Roof, Chimney

Lifetime Roof & Chimney, Shawn Mangan, 262.224.5916

Murphy's Exterior Construction, Shaun Murphy, 262.370.6157


      Another must when owning a home is having homeowners insurance. Although insurance may not cover all expenses, when something outside of our control occurs to cause significant damage, homeowners insurance provides assistance. Take it from someone who has owned multiple homes and lived through a few insurance claims. Although a tornado may not take out an entire home, it can cause roof damage. When there is a faulty part on a refrigerator that starts on fire while no one is home and causes significant fire and smoke damage to a home, homeowners insurance provides piece of mind. Yes, my family survived a house fire when my boys were toddlers and not yet in school. Getting a call at work from the fire department telling me our house is on fire is not a phone call I wish upon anyone. Fortunately, we were able to rebuild our home and thankful for the safety of our family.

      Owning a home is one of the largest investments people make in life. Making a house a home is what life is all about. Yes, there are always risks when taking responsibility for ownership. Believe me, having a home to call your own is a goal worth having. When you are ready for a move, give me a call so together we can make it happen.

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