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Scott Gilmour

Scott Gilmour

What Business Models Are There?

We analyze your business objectives and the trading area you serve to determine the best business model for you. We offer flexibility and the opportunity for your business to evolve.

Business Model 1 - Boutique Franchise

The Boutique Franchise is designed for smaller communities or for TEAMS of agents, who wish to operate independently within a Territory. It is also an intermediate step to the acquisition of a Territory. A Boutique Franchise allows for a team of three (3) to eight (8) members to work from an independent point-of-address.

Note: In Ontario, a TEAM “Boutique: Sub-franchise may have positive tax and capital gains benefits for the team leader.

Business Model 2 – Branch Brokerage Franchise

The Branch Brokerage Franchise is designed for a start-up Sub-franchisee or for teams of agents, who wish to operate independently within the framework of an existing Realty Executives franchise. It is also an intermediate step toward the acquisition of a Boutique or Territory. 

The Owner(s) appoint a broker/manager, who operates under the supervision of a Broker of Record. A Branch Brokerage Franchise allows for a team to work from a point-of-address.

The existing Realty Executives brokerage manages the trust accounts, processes deals, and provides an option of other administrative functions. (E.g. call answering).


This option is designed for a person(s), who has the motivation and business acumen to successfully establish a real estate brokerage. It allows a Broker/Owner to develop a large territory with the possibility of centralized administration over multiple branch offices.


The Realty Executives INCORPORATED AGENT Franchise is designed for the entrepreneur who would like to have complete control of their real estate business while utilizing the full support services of an established Realty Executives brokerage. The established brokerage will provide the support and training necessary for INCORPORATED AGENT to operate a self-sustained franchise.

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