Tanque Verde Meet Yourself

(Published on - 8/4/2016 2:06:58 AM)

Tanque Verde Meet Yourself

Open House Saturday, July 2nd, 12-3pm at 11765 E. Summer Trail

(Published on - 7/1/2016 12:17:29 AM)

     Take a look at the virtual tour of the property:

A beautiful oasis in the Tanque Verde Valley. It features 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 1.48 acres, a swimming pool, two full kitchens, 3,040 square feet, tack room, corral, and much more. We look forward to showing you this great property.

Tripp and Marlene Griffin

Happy Father's Day

(Published on - 6/30/2016 1:51:52 AM)

     I had high hopes for a memorable Father's Day this year for my husband, because my Mother's Day was wonderful. I woke up with a sudden jerk. I knew I needed to get up early to do what I had in mind. I snuck out of the bedroom as quietly as possible. I made a fresh pot of coffee. I went to my eighteen year old son's room to see if he would venture out with me. No such luck. My son hadn't even come home that night. "Great!", I thought to myself. I grabbed the keys, headed outside, and heard my son's car heading up the street. I walked over to his car with a curious look on my face. As I approached, my son held up a box of Krispy Kreme donuts. To my delight he had gotten up before me and already done what I had planned. (Proud Mama)

     The rest of our day was nice: time spent together as a family, out to lunch, home for a nap, and then watching the NBA final game(recorded). We were nearing the end of the game when we heard a loud noise outside. We both looked at each other and asked, "What was that?" My husband walked outside to see a cloud of dust (visible in the dark) across the street in the neighbor's yard. He ran in, grabbed the car keys, and took off. I walked out to the street to see debris as big as a quart of milk strewn across the pavement. Someone had hit one of the four block pillars on either side of our driveway. It looked as if it had exploded. There was nothing left of it. Our mailbox was in pieces also. They narrowly missed our baby tree and stopped just short of the Mesquite tree in our neighbor's front yard.

     We have lived in our home for about three and a half years now. In that time one of the pillars has been hit numerous times. About 8 times. Guess which one? Yep. You guessed it. It has been completely demolished now. It has been hit by friends, repairmen, delivery drivers, and strangers in the middle of the night. We are still wondering if we should replace it and if we do, should we move it slightly to the center of our yard?Missing Pillar