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Use of R22 Refrigerant (Freon) ending January 1, 2020!

(Published on - 8/24/2019 2:43:07 AM)

EPA Regulations for R-22 Refrigerants | 2-10 Blog



As the United States completes the phase out of the refrigerant R-22, both homeowners and real estate agents will need to be informed about the possible impact on homeowners when looking to purchase homes with air conditioning units manufactured before 2015. Here’s what you should know about the latest regulations.

What is Happening?

R-22 (also known as Freon®) is a liquid or gas refrigerant often used in air conditioning equipment. Unfortunately, the Environmental Protection Agency found that it depletes the ozone layer and contributes to the greenhouse gas effect. To prevent continued damage to Earth’s protective ozone layer, R-22 is being phased-out.

What is the Timeline?

To protect the atmosphere, manufacturers stopped making systems that use R-22 in 2015.
On January 1, 2020, production of R-22 will cease, and the servicing of systems with R-22 will have to rely on stored and recycled quantities.

The lengthy phase-out period was designed to allow homeowners to move toward air-conditioning equipment that uses safer, alternative forms of refrigerant. As supplies of R-22 have become limited, prices have escalated, leading many to speed up the transition to alternative refrigerants and newer equipment ahead of the 2020 deadline.

Moving Forward

The cost of R-22 has increased due to limited availability, prompting homeowners to move toward replacing or retrofitting their existing systems. With the 2020 EPA deadline looming, there’s even more reason to install modern units that utilize alternative refrigerants.

After January 2020, air conditioning units using R-22 will have to depend on existing supplies. Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict where prices will go. While R-22 may be available until the end of the serviceable life of the air conditioner, it may become more expensive. Anyone who owns and operates air conditioning units using R-22 will need to weigh their options to either retrofit existing systems to accept alternative refrigerants, bear the escalating costs of R-22 or purchase a new air conditioning unit.

Real estate agents would be wise to become well versed on these changes and the potential impact on their clients – especially those buying and selling homes with air conditioning units installed before 2015. Purchasing a home warranty service agreement at closing that includes unlimited refrigerants and SEER matching for mismatched systems at no extra cost could also protect homeowners from unexpected out-of-pocket costs after 2020.

2-10 HBW offers comprehensive Systems and Appliances Home Warranties to help protect your clients from unexpected repair and replacement costs.

Cities where one can get the most bang for the buck in retirement

(Published on - 4/17/2018 11:19:16 PM)

What cities can one get the most bang for the buck in retirement? Where can you have big city amenities- a bustling downtown, galleries and museums, and top-notch health care, but also low taxes and living costs so one doesn’t have to be a millionaire to live there comfortably? Check out this List-


Tucson is 2nd on this list of Cities where a $100,000 Nest Egg Stretches Furthest. Between the over 330 days of sunshine and mild winters, Tucson is excellent for outdoor activities year-round. Tucson is a mecca for hiking, biking, golf and outdoor enthusiasts. Not to mention that snowboarding and skiing are just a short 45 minute drive up to Mt. Lemon, the Southern most Snow Skiing venue in the United States.  Tucson’s downtown has grown into a vibrant compilation of restaurants, live music, and art galleries. And the energy from the University of Arizona keeps everything high-spirited.

Health Care facilities, including the Banner University Medical Center, have Award-winning Heart Disease and Cancer centers.


Why is Tucson on this list as a very affordable place to retire? Homes and rental rates are some of the least expensive in the nation. Taxes are lower than most of the nation, as is cost lof living items like groceries, electricity, and fuel. What’s not to like? We know some hidden Tucson neighborhoods that are real treasures!

If you'd like to know more about making your home in Tucson, please don't hesitate to give us a call:


Kelly Bryan-Johnson (520) 304-1099

Mark Johnson             (520) 360-1429


Moving Up? Moving Out? Moving On

It's A Dog's Life For Millennials: What's Really Driving Their Desire

(Published on - 12/10/2017 7:57:07 PM)

Jaymi Naciri gives us an updated perspective on millennials and home buying.


Is the millennial homebuying surge about finally "growing up" and giving up mom's home-cooked meals and laundry services? Is it about finally having student loans paid off and feeling secure enough to take on the financial burden? Perhaps it's really about getting ready to marry and have kids. Nope. Turns out none of these things could convince millennials to buy homes like their little furry friend could.

Yep, when it comes to millennial homeownership, these are the dog days.


"A third of millennial-aged Americans (ages 18 to 36) who purchased their first home (33%) say the desire to have a better space or yard for a dog influenced their decision to purchase their first home, according to a new survey conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of SunTrust Mortgage.

"Dogs ranked among the top three motivators for first-time home purchasers and were cited by more millennials than marriage/upcoming marriage, 25 percent, or the birth/expected birth of a child, 19 percent."

There were only two factors that rated higher than dog ownership: 66 percent cited a desire for more living space, and 36 percent were interested in building equity through homeownership. Presumably, they want to do so with a pup by their side.

"Millennials have strong bonds with their dogs, so it makes sense that their furry family members are driving home-buying decisions," said Dorinda Smith, SunTrust Mortgage President and CEO of the survey. "For those with dogs, renting can be more expensive and a hassle; home ownership takes some of the stress off by providing a better living situation."


Click here to read entire article


Gated Community Tucson Homes for Under $185K? Hidden Gems!

(Published on - 11/3/2017 11:29:41 PM)

Gated Community Homes for Under $185K?!?

It's true. Quiet, conveniently located, gated neighborhoods can be found for average sales price well under $190,000. With an out-of-this-world 10-acre community center that boasts a magnificent pool, wading pool and spa, fitness room, sand volleyball, basketball courts, tennis courts, racquetball courts and more.

Countryside Valley is part of a larger community development, situated in Northwest Tucson near I-10 interstate and Cortaro Farms Rd. Countryside has several subdivisions that span every size home and budget. It is a well-established community, with most homes built in the late Eighties and throughout the Nineties. However, newer developments have been built out in the last ten years or so.

Having lived for many years in Countryside Valley and owned in that community for 25 years, Mark and I know quite a bit about the entire Countryside Subdivision area. Here are just four things (I could easily list a top 10) that make the Countryside Subdivisions in Northwest Tucson very appealing:


It's very affordable. There is a quiet gated part of the Countryside community where in the last few months 3 bedroom houses sold for an average of only $183,500. With an HOA for under $80/month with access to all the amenities of the Community Center, on quiet cu-de-sacs, these homes are gems. Try to find that anywhere else in Tucson.


The HOA is optional to join- in some areas. While those who don't join aren't allowed to use the community center and those subdivisions will not have the benefit of the ˜neat as a pin" appearance of many HOA communities. However, one can voluntarily join the HOA to have access to the Community Center and pool. For many, having this choice is a wonderful thing.


If you like Sports, this is the place. No more lugging the family's equipment to the park. Sports equipment is available in the front office of the extensive 10 Acre-plus community center for members to check out while spending time at Countryside Community Club. Equipment includes: Tennis and racquetball rackets and balls, basketballs, baseball bats, softballs, soccer ball, volleyball, footballs and horseshoes. And did I mention that Countryside is right next to Arthur Pack Park and the Lee Trevino-designed Crooked Tree Golf Course? Crooked Tree's published online rates are just $28 to play 18 holes in the afternoons.


Close to everything in Northwest Tucson - and other parts of Tucson, too. Countryside is just a few minutes to I-10 for those who need to travel north to Phoenix or toward downtown Tucson, the VA, or Davis-Monthan. Similarly close are the Foothills Mall and the New Twin Peaks outlet mall, and coming soon- a brand new Top Golf facility!


There is so much more to know about this friendly and affordable community I'd love to share with you. If you're just starting to look for a home, are a first-time buyer, or using a VA loan, I know I will be able help you find a home in Countryside, or in any other part of Tucson that meets your needs. Feel free to call Mark at 520-360-1429 or email me at

Soccer & Tucson are like peanut butter & jelly....

(Published on - 8/4/2017 2:10:48 AM)

...they just go so well together!  The monsoon rain missed us tonight but left a cool breeze and enough cloud cover to create perfect practice weather.  



The summer is winding down and kids have started back to school. Translation:  soccer practice is moving into full swing in preparation for a great season.  My 6th grader is glad to be back on the soccer field and truth be am I.  We're now playing with the FORT LOWELL RUSH and looking forward to a great season.  GO LADY GUNNERS!!


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