Whitmore Park Regina

(Published on - 4/23/2019 1:26:06 AM)

Whitmore Park is a community within the city of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.



Whitmore Park is a mature subdivision in south Regina. The Whitmore Park neighbourhood is bordered by the Hillsdale neighbourhood to the north of Grant Road, city limits to the south of the Highway 1 Bypass, Wascana Centre to the east of Wascana Parkway, and the Albert Park neighbourhood to the west of Albert Street.


The increase in Regina’s population following World War II created a need for more residential housing. Whitmore Park was part of the city’s post-war expansion to the suburbs south of the city. Whitmore Park was first developed in the mid 1950s and is predominated by single-detached housing, a street layout featuring short loops and cul-de-sacs and housing on large lots.


Whitmore Park is a diverse community with some changing trends among long-time residents. Students are attracted to the neighbourhood because of the close proximity of Whitmore Park to several post-secondary learning institutions, including the University of Regina and Saskatchewan Polytechnic (formerly called SIAST). This could change as the University of Regina has been constructing new student resident towers on campus. There are many neighbourhood level parks across the community. Whitmore Park has three elementary schools and one high school. These schools have ball diamonds; football and soccer fields; basketball courts and various playground structures. Massey Pool and the Balfour Arena are neighbourhood hubs. The neighbourhood has five places of worship representing various faiths.


Whitmore Park has a very active Community Association. Representatives of the Whitmore Park Community Association boast that their neighbourhood is a highly walkable community. The Association has established the Whitmore Walkers Program to take advantage of this asset. The Association hosts the Mike Badham Walk as annual event to honour the former City Councillor and to give the community an opportunity to be active and to socialize.

The Whitmore Park Community Association (WPCA) is a non-profit association of volunteers that help to make Whitmore Park a GREAT place to live!


Do you want to be more involved in your new community? When you move to Whitmore Park the Whitmore Park Community Association encourages members to "Be a builder and enjoy the rewards! Here are a few of the many activities you can get involved with:

  • Recreational and Leisure Program             Planning and Administering
  • Coaching, Instructing, Managing
  • Newsletter production
  • Community Affairs
  • Community Planning
  • Skill Development and Information Programs
  • Association Executive Positions



They also have great programs and services such as:






For more information: Contact Community Services, Parks and Recreation at 306-777-7322 or email



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