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Fort Qu'Appelle Could Be Your Dream Destination To Settle Down In

(Published on - 2/14/2020 12:51:08 AM)

Have you thought of Fort Qu'Appelle as a place to find your retirement home?



556 Pasqua AVENUE S.
Fort Qu'Appelle Saskatchewan S0G 1S0 CN


MLS #SK762770



556 Pasqua AVENUE S 83 x 140 vacant lot in Fort Qu'Appelle located in scenic Qu'Appelle Valley. Utility services nearby so will need to be brought to building site. Build to suite within town by-laws. The lot is located in a residential neighbourhood with a back lane for garage access if desired. Fort Qu'Appelle  is a growing community with most amenities located within the town. Excellent highways with about a 30 minute commute to Regina. Restaurants, shopping, gas, schools, specialty stores and so much more. Mission Ridge Winter Park is only minutes away. Enjoy downhill skiing at your backdoor.


The stores and services in Fort Qu’Appelle serve residents in over 15 communities along Highway 10 and Highway 35. Fort Qu’Appelle is centrally located between Regina and Yorkton. The valley and lakes in the area make it a popular tourist destination; therefore Fort Qu’appelle also attracts shoppers from Regina, areas across Saskatchewan and Canada.

The specific needs of consumers within the trading area are: retail, grocery, agriculture, tourism, health care, automotive and marine services. The population of permanent residents within the Fort Qu’Appelle trading area is approximately: 12,158. During the summer months the number of residents in the trading area is projected to increase by 3000-6000 people at peak times.





Fort Qu'Appelle Library schedule:


Fort Qu'Appelle is a town in Southern Saskatchewan, Canada located in the Qu'Appelle Valley 70 km NE of Regina between Echo and Mission Lakes and not to be confused with the once-significant nearby town of Qu'Appelle. It was originally established in 1864 as a Hudson's Bay Company trading post. Fort Qu'Appelle, with its 1,919 residents in 2006, is at the junction of Sk Hwy 35Sk Hwy 10Sk Hwy 22Sk Hwy 22Sk Hwy 35Sk Hwy 56, and Sk Hwy 215. The 1897 Hudson’s Bay Company store, 1911 Grand Trunk Pacific Railway station, Fort Qu’Appelle Sanatorium (Fort San), and the Treaty 4 Governance Centre in the shape of a teepee are all landmarks of this community. Additionally, the Noel Pinay sculpture of a man praying commemorates a burial ground, is a life sized statue in a park beside Segwun Avenue.


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(Published on - 12/19/2019 4:18:44 AM)

Want a dog but worried they might not be happy in an apartment setting? No worries, there are plenty of dog breeds that thrive, living in close proximity to their human. When you look for the best breed to live with you in an apartment, there are a few things to consider. Not all small dogs make great apartment dogs, and not all large dogs are terrible apartment dogs!


You need to consider their energy levels, how much they bark (your neighbors won’t thank you for getting a loud dog in a smaller complex) and how much exercise they need.


Here are ten of the best suited apartment dogs to keep you company in your small space.



 Also known as sausage dogs, Dachshunds make perfect apartment dogs. As the smallest of the hound dogs, these very lively and cute dogs don’t need much space to feel comfortable as they will spend most of their time on your lap! They only have short legs which means they don’t need much exercise and will be happy spending most of their time in the comfort of the indoors.


Bichon Frise

 This extremely cute looking teddy bear dog only grows up to a maximum of one foot tall! They’re not known for barking, which is another great trait for a dog that will grow up in an apartment or condo. They’re easy to train and love to play, making them a fantastic companion in any small living space.


French Bulldog

French Bulldogs love to be around their owners constantly, so living in an apartment is the perfect choice for them. They don’t need a lot of space and are quite low maintenance dogs. They don’t require a huge amount of exercise and they are one of the most loyal and loving breeds in the dog world.







Pomeranians aren’t overly dependent breeds which make them a great choice for older people who live in apartments. They are happy to be active indoors, and don’t need a back garden, although they will need walking outdoors a couple of times a day. They are sometimes known for their barking, if this isn’t stopped at a young age.



 The Basenji is a very sweet African dog who is well suited to apartment living because they aren’t big barkers, they don’t shed much and are quite small. They do however, need quite a lot of exercise, so they are only suited to people who have access to parks or walks nearby.



 Pugs have relatively low exercise requirements and have a very easy going nature which means they’re perfect for living in a small space. They will be content spending the majority of their time napping and snuggling with their owner.




This silky white dog breed is quite a low energy breed and only needs a twenty to thirty minute walk each day. He is a little bit of a barker, so you’ll need to be prepared to train them or put up with a little bit of noise!


Yorkshire Terrier

 Yorkies make excellent apartment dogs. They are small, standing at only six or seven inches, and they need lots of attention and someone who will dote on them. Bear in mind that they can be stubborn with house training though, so it can take a while to get them to pee in the right place! On the plus side, they can be paper trained, making toileting easier if you are unable to take them out often.


Toy Poodle

Poodles come in three different size, the toy being the smallest, and most suited to apartment living. It will make a great apartment dog due to its size, but will still need plenty of stimulation and exercise. Another benefit of these dogs is that they are hypoallergenic, so perfect for those people who have allergies.






Chihuahuas are featuring last on this list, because although they are small and perfectly sized for apartment life, they are quite yappy which can be very tough for the neighbors. If you are going to choose a Chihuahua to live with you in an apartment building, you will need to train them early on to keep their barking to a minimum. This can be quite tricky so  you might consider the help of a dog trainer.


Are Large Dogs Suited to Apartment Living?


Most of the dogs which have been featured on this list are small to medium sized dogs, but some people prefer larger dog breeds.


Any breed which is large and very active won’t be suitable for apartment living, especially if you don’t have easy access to plenty of walking areas nearby.


Belgian Malinois are an example of a breed which wouldn’t cope well living in an apartment, they are quite big and require a lot of exercise. If you do want to keep a large dog in your apartment, they should be quite mellow such as Bull Mastiffs.


Author Bio: Thomas Woods is the creator of Perfect Dog Breeds, a website which teaches people worldwide about the hundreds of different dog breeds available, and how to care for and train each of them.

Regina Beach is a Short Commute Away to Live Your Lake Life

(Published on - 9/2/2019 2:32:25 AM)

Regina Beach is a resort community that sits in the Qu'Appelle Valley north of Regina, Saskatchewan.


 With fully modern recreation and town facilities, Regina Beach is not only a great place to vacation, it's a great place to live. A vacation spot since the early 1900s, this lakeshore community offers residents and visitors alike year-round outdoor recreational opportunities and a wide variety of community hosted events. Be sure to check out the Regina Beach Lions Walleye Classic held annually in early June and the Regina Beach Winter Festival held in March.


The community has grown form its incorporation in 1920 from 379 to 1081 reported on 2011 census.

Regina Beach is a town in south central Saskatchewan, located on Highway 54, close to where Highway 11 intersects with the Qu'Appelle Valley. As Regina Beach rests on shores of the south end of Last Mountain Lake, it becomes an active lakeside resort town in summer.


Local Regina Beach Businesses:


One of southern Saskatchewan's most popular beaches, Regina Beach Recreation Site is situated on the shores of Last Mountain Lake. This site offers a beautiful beach area, playground, service centre, picnic area (briquettes only), beach volleyball courts, boat launch and a fish filleting building. The resort town of Regina Beach offers restaurants, boutique shops, yacht club and more. It's close proximity to Regina makes it a perfect place for a summer day escape. No entry fee.



Beach Activities

Water Sports

Fishing/ Ice Fishing




Horseback Riding 


Go karts


Hiking/ Wildlife Viewing



Farmers Market



Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the population of Town of Regina Beach?

Based on the 2016 census, the population of the Town of Regina Beach is 1145.


When is the Town Office open?

 Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


Who can I contact for information about rental properties?

 Check the local paper classified ads for rental property listings or try a local realtor.


What are the hours for the Waste Management Site?

 Summer Hours (April 16-October 15):

Open every day except Monday and Thursdays

10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Winter Hours (October 16- April 15):

Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays

11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.


What are the days for garbage pickup?

 Residents located on the west of Centre Street have garbage picked up weekly on Mondays.

Residents located on the east of Centre Street have garbage picked up weekly on Tuesdays.

Garbage must be put out by 7:00 am on the front street curb to ensure pick up.


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Lumsden, A Not So Sleepy Little Town!!

(Published on - 8/2/2019 3:24:58 PM)

Do you think the town of Lumsden, Saskatchewan is sleepy and dismal?


Think again! Lumsden has events all year around, great fun activities for the whole family!


Think again!


Lumsden is a vibrant, growing community of 1631 people, located in the heart of the Qu’Appelle Valley, 27 kms northwest of Regina on the Highway #11. A 15-minute drive can get you to the shores of Last Mountain Lake. Recognized nationally by Harrowsmith magazine in 2002 as the “prettiest” town in Saskatchewan. Home of the provincial champions; the Lumsden Monarch hockey team and Lumsden Cubs baseball and many talented artists.

Lumsden’s country atmosphere makes it an ideal place to raise a family.  Housing is affordable and all homes, are in safe, quiet neighborhoods that are within easy walking distance to parks, churches, playgrounds, stores, recreation facilities, and a full K-12 school system.  A flourishing market gardening industry surrounds the town; and as breathtakingly beautiful the landscape may be, it is the people of Lumsden that make it a special place.  A town of family and friends, Lumsden is determined to maintain the highest standards of service and opportunity.  It is a town forever eager to welcome new families and make new friends.

Step into a country pace in the Qu’Appelle Valley and enjoy Lumsden and all of its amenities.


Places to see in and around Lumsden:


Over the Hill Orchards - "It seems like a lifetime since we planted our first cherry tree; impatience being second only to mother nature in the trials we have faced. Throughout that exciting and challenging time, we were always innovating with new fruits being grown, new products being developed, and tours of the orchards being created.  It is very gratifying to be able to offer our customers products created with so much passion and common-sense principles behind them such as using Certified Organic fruit, low sugar recipes, and even Gluten Free alternatives."



 Last Mountain Distillery- PROUD TO BE SASKATCHEWAN’S FIRST MICRO DISTILLERY- Last Mountain Distillery is family owned and operated and is located in Lumsden, SK, the heart of grain country. "Our success lies in our commitment to producing high quality, handcrafted spirits. Our signature products include Saskatchewan’s best-selling and Canada’s only naturally infused dill pickle vodka, our naturally infused organic cherry whisky, apple pie moonshine and more. Our craft distilling process brings out the full flavour of the grain and leaves a smooth finish unlike any other." Take a Tour!


Last Mountain House Provincial Park - Last Mountain House was built in 1869 by the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) as a winter outpost for its Fort Qu'Appelle operation. It was founded, in part, to compete with an increasing number of independent fur traders in the area and because the bison had begun to move south from the Touchwood Hills.


Fenek Farms - Fresh Produce Supplier, Event Venue Host, Petting Zoo, Hay rides and Much, Much More!!!!


Lumsden Historical Museum - Lumsden Historical Society Inc., 1987 Box 91, Lumsden, SK S0G 3C0 Street Address: 50 Qu’Appelle Drive West, Lumsden Open: May – September 306-731-2905 (seasonal)


The Painted Parasol - "We offer a unique assortment of gifts for everyone. You will find jewelry, candy, baby items, toys, home decor, bath & body and handmade items and much more!"


Wascana Trails- Locally known as Wascana Trails, the Wascana Valley Nature Recreation Site boasts 15 km of trails that are perfect for all abilities and activities including walking, hiking, mountain biking, running, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. The area also features a great birdwatching site.



Happy Hollow Corn Maze - Covering 15 acres and consisting of a variety of attractions, the Happy Hollow Corn Maze is only 15 minutes north of Regina.  Attractions at the site include a corn maze, pumpkin patch, jumping pillow, Penelope the Pumpkin Princess, hay wagon rides, cow train rides, corn box, pony rides, corn cannon, petting farm, pony swings, tractor swings, hay bale slide, chalkboard house and hay jump.


Flowing Springs Golf Greens - Flowing Springs Golf Greens is a professionally designed 18-hole course. At over 5500 yards, there is plenty of course for all.  10 miles southeast of Lumsden on Highway 11,


Things to do:


Outer Edge Adventure Park -

Looking for a FUN outdoor adventure? Want to try something NEW? Come experience the great outdoors while soaring through the air on an exhilarating journey or climb your way to new heights!


Lumsden Duck Derby- The Lumsden Duck Derby is a fundraiser held each labour day weekend in which 25,000 rubber ducks will race down the Qu’Appelle River, with the first twenty (20) ducks rewarding their owners with a prize!


Moonlight Movies - Lumsden has a Drive-In!!! Check out Moonlight Movies website or Facebook to see what’s playing! 


Walking tour of Lumsden - The Lumsden Historical Society, with the support of the Town of Lumsden, has updated their “Walk Through Lumsden” brochure 


TradeshowsExpos, Street Fairs, Pumpkin and Harvest FestivalChurch Teas and so many more fun community events!


Have any of these peaked your interest? Lumsden is a great town to raise a family, and to retire in. A small-town community and easy commute to Regina! What are you waiting for?


Here are two of my listings you may be interested in:



Read more about the different areas of Regina and other topics on my blog.






Westhill, Regina

(Published on - 7/13/2019 7:34:17 PM)

Welcome to Westhill!


Westhill, Regina, Saskatchewan is a quiet community that started on the outskirts of Regina, but was eventually was built around. Westhill is a great place where you can both raise a family and enjoy your retirement. A fairly modern community that provides bus routes, senior living, schools and more. Beautifully maintaned homes shows you the quality of the neighbourhood in Westhill.


Take a walk in Westhill. Beautifully landscaped boulevards taking us past the focal point of this community, the centrally located park. It's a newish neighbourhood, which accommodates 300+ homes, and offers a variety of housing types that are in easy walking distance to the central park. The mix of housing suit different lifestyles and the location of the lots within this new development offer a variety of options. For example, there are walkout amenity lots backing the golf course, traditional large lot front garage, large lot rear lane, small lot rear lane, and small lot front garage styles. *1


Community ammenites:

Bus access 

Care home – Westhill manor 

Goulet golf course

 A full list from Prairie View Community Association


Westhill Park Baptist Church
Prairie View Community Church
St James United Church


McLurg Elementary School – Regina Public School
St. Josaphat Elementary School – Regina Catholic School
Michael A Riffel High School – Regina Catholic School
Archbishop M C O’Neill – Regina Catholic School
Winston Knoll Collegiate – Regina Public High School

Outdoor Rinks

Joanne Goulet (boarded and pleasure)
Williston Park (pleasure)
McLurg Park (pleasure)

Playgrounds and Parks

Baker Park – Edgewater
Bastedo Park – South lane of 6200 block 1 Avenue North
Button Park – South lane of 5900 block Sherwood Drive
Carlton Playground – Carlton Street & 8 Avenue
Coventry Park – 5 Avenue & Cecil Crescent
Ewart Park – Devonshire Drive (east of Ewart Place)
Hampshire Park – Heffernan Crescent (east of Hampshire Place)
Hansen Drive Park – Between 532 & 548 Hansen Drive
Hind Park – Hind Street (south of Bligh Bay)
Hird Park – Shattuck Bay (south of Hird Court)
Ken Jenkins School & Park – 5382 2 Avenue North
McLurg School – 125 Paynter Crescent
McNaughton Park – North of 4700 block McNaughton Avenue
McNab Park – Connaught Street & 12 Avenue
Ruth M. Buck Park – Behind 78 Dempsey Avenue
Steinson Park – Fairways West
Theresa Stevenson Park – Fahlman Crescent & Helmer Place
Transcona Park – Empress Street & 2 Avenue
Venture Park – Venture Road (east of Doiron Road)
Westhill Park – Sherwood Drive (west of Doiron Road)
Williston Park – Williston Drive & Minot Drive


Joanne Goulet Golf Club

Elected Representatives

Ward 9 City Councillor:  Jason Mancinelli   Phone: TBD
MLA:  Trent Wotherspoon    Phone: 306-787-0077 (Legislative Building)
Trustee for Subdivision 7 for Regina Public Schools:  Jay Kasperski   Phone: TBD
MP Regina-Lumsden:  Erin Weir Phone:  306-543-3991




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