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In an industry where most companies focus on quanitiy, we focus on quality! The John Burgess Group provides the tools, systems and the professionals to exceed your expectations.





Advertise intelligently


Bring our "team focus" to your account 


Create a robust marketing plan


Develop and execute your unique game plan


Encourage agents to agressively show your property


Follow up with you through the process


Get your property rented and give you piece of mind





Detailed review of your needs and expectations


Market analysis to maximize rental income


Ensure legal compliance


Inspect property for rental preparation


Extensive marketing from listing to rental


Operating and maintenance fund set up


Thorough screening of potential renters


Set and adhere to rent collection policies


Provide 24-hour emergency service


Conduct on-site interior and exterior inspections


Coordinate maintenence and repairs


Provide options for funds disbursement


Provide comprehensive financial reporting


Regular communication with property owners






Q: What do I get for my monthly management fee?

A: Your management fee buys

-The market presence and reputation of the John Burgess Group.

-Rent collection and tenant relations.

-24-hour access to a wide array of licensed, insured maintenance vendors.

-Professionally crafted and legally tested and supporting documentation.

-Peace of mind that your property is well cared for.


Q: How long will it take to rent my property?

A: Many conditions affect the speed with which a property rents, including supply/demand, time of year, location and condition. Your property manager will recommend a market rent based on these factors.


Q: Can JBRG make my mortgage payments?

A: Yes, provided the following conditions are met:

1. A minimum of one month’s mortgage payment is held as a  “minimum balance” or   “funding” in your property account.

2. You agree to pay an additional fee equal to 2% of the monthly rent for handling the transaction.

3. Sufficient funds are available to us when the payment is due.


Q: Will JBRG pay vendors or my condo fees if my account balance is insufficient when the bills are received?

A: No. Real Estate regulations preclude any real estate company from advancing its own funds to settle an owner’s expenses. Bills are paid when the available balance in the property account is equal to or exceeds the amount(s) owed. For this reason, it is important to ensure your account balance is always sufficient to pay all anticipated expenses.


Q: I interviewed several property managers and found a variation in fees. Why is that?

A: Real estate companies operate completely independently of one another and set their fees according to what they consider reasonable returns for their efforts. There are no “standard” fees for particular services. At JBRG, the emphasis is on quality and we work hard to provide the best possible service to our clients. We believe our program provides excellent value to our investment property owners. Our philosophy is to gain market share by consistently delivering an exceptional range of services to our landlords and tenants.


Q: My property manager has suggested that I paint and replace a few rooms of carpet before placing it on the rental market. I’m not selling - why should I go to all this trouble and expense for tenants?

A: A well maintained property attracts better tenants, leases in a shorter time, and generally brings higher rents. Well-qualified tenants shop for homes that are in good condition and that offer the best value for their rent dollars. The money you “save” by not having the property in top condition will be spent on longer vacancies and the problems associated with attracting lesser qualified tenants.


Q: What types of properties do you manage?

A: We specialize in residential properties: single-family homes, town homes, duplex and doubles or semi-detached homes, condos and apartments.


Q: Is your property management agreement and lease a standard, widely used form?

A: No. There is no standard property management agreement required. In fact, Maryland Law does not require property managers to be licensed. We use a form that was reviewed and approved by legal counsel for the Maryland Association of REALTORS. The contract is well written and very detailed to protect the property owner, the tenant and the property manager. 


Q:  Do I have a chance to approve an applicant?

A: Yes, if you wish. When we receive an application that meets our standards of qualification, we will discuss them with you before final approval. Of course, we are required to abide by all Fair Housing Laws, and will not deny and application unless is does not meet our income and credit standards.


Q: Can I say no to pets, smokers and kids?

A: Yes, you can say “NO” to pets and smokers. However, sometimes good tenants include family pet, and they have been known to be the best possible tenants. With good reference and an additional amount of Security Deposit because of pets, sometimes it is better to take it on a “case by case” basis and look at the whole picture before completely excluding families with pets. The Fair Housing law states that you cannot disallow families with children.




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