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New Housing Developments in Wasaga Beach & Elmvale Are Active

(Published on - 10/6/2017 5:50:37 AM)

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In honor of Canada's 150th birthday, click on the link below this sentence for a complimentary pass that was passed on to me. It's good for the whole summer. Then read on and enjoy my blog...


The Encarta English Dictionary defines economy as “the production and consumption of goods and services of a community regarded as a whole”. Economies can be big (national) or small (each individual). A good barometer of how our local economy is doing is to keep an eye on house construction. Is it visible? If so, that is generally a sign that municipal economies are in good shape. And if so, is it luck or were there initiatives, incentives  – a plan- provided to help housing starts happen. Municipalities want development. Developers need to hear that message and get direction on how it will be good for themselves, the municipality and the community.  Let's begin with what I've noticed while driving.

I'm usually driving one of these...I'm usually driving one of these...

Driving is a big part of life in real estate. We drive for many different reasons. Sometimes to look at properties to do an opinion of value. Other times it’s to show properties, to attend home inspections, to put up or take down signs, to drop off well water samples, to attend workshops, complete courses, etc. Sometimes, it’s to take pictures for a blog… like this one.


Since I have listed and sold properties in Penetanguishene / Midland, Barrie, Wasaga Beach, Coldwater / Severn and the many communities in between over the years, I do a lot of driving. There always seems to be new home construction somewhere in my service area. If a building lot gets sold in Hillsdale or Orr Lake, a house or cottage gets built. Sometimes an older cottage sells, gets demolished and a new one appears


In 2017 I’ve noticed several new real estate housing developments. A large single family detached (SFD) homes subdivision is underway in the east end of Wasaga Beach. JDC Homes is building “beautiful bungalows with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and 9’ ceilings”.


Single Family Residential Development

JDCHOMES: Golf Side Estates

Likewise in Elmvale, on the west side of town, Amelia Homes is developing another large SFD subdivision. This development benefits the economy of the respective areas. Morra Homes is winding down their quality subdivision east of the Sara Vista Long Term Care Home. The last homes are being built on Patchell Court as you read this.


    AMELIA HOMES                       Morra Homes. Elmvale thanks you!

    (Above) A new friend (Amelia Homes) says, "Hello"              an old friend (Morra Homes) bids farewell...


Is Hedbern Homes returning to Elmvale?

and Is Hedbern Homes returning to Springwater deveopment again?... Stay tuned.

New home developments don't have to be BIG to help local economies. Smaller and mid sized developments provide many positive economic influences to the local economies. I notice a few of them in high gear gear on the way to my Realty Executives On The Beach office at 998 Mosley St. in Wasaga Beach:

Green Hill Homes' Beachside Manor Green Hill Homes' Beachside Manor offers 14 Luxury Freehold Townhomes (above).


Bremont Beach 20 An Exclusive Townhome Enclave                      Bremont Beach 20 is An Exclusive Townhome Enclave

Bremont: Beach 20 (above) is an Exclusive Townhouse Enclave offering...


Westside Contracting

This could be the largest sand box in Simcoe County, but this is where Westside Contracting is developing a 7 unit Exclusive Freehold Waterview Luxury Townhomes.


The development of new housing projects of all sizes combine to benefit the whole area. Several jobs are involved. Drawings to be made and approved, surveys to be done, planners to get it all organized, purchased materials to be transported to the site, foundations set or poured, construction crews to bring the drawings to life, roofers, heating contractors, brick layers, landscapers, paving crews, utilities delivered to the site, and more that are on the tip of my tongue.

All this economic activity starts with a piece of vacant land, a lot. Just there...Waiting... But there is one more major part to complete the picture of these wonderful developments. The framework for everything comes from the people who have worked for the towns, cities or townships over the years. They created, in wording carefully constructed, the means to allow the land owners / developers to get the job done. Safely. To code. Current town staff put the word out to everyone in the community - private citizens, business owners, etc.- that not only is development possible, it is encouraged and will be supported since it is good for all. As I leave you, click on the link below to see how it is done in Wasaga Beach.


Jim Pratt







Enjoy all of the local watering holes!

(Published on - 6/30/2017 6:08:20 PM)

Everyone enjoys getting together for fun, play, laughter and spend time together, even relaxing, at our favourite watering holes. No, this time I’m not talking about pubs and restaurants. They can undoubtedly provide the same joys I refer to; however, this time I’m talking about lakes, bays, rivers, streams, creeks and marshes.
Many of us don’t get to enjoy them as much in the winter. Yet, those who continue to enjoy the pleasures of ice fishing, skating, cross country skiing and even riding snowmobiles, Argos and such, know that there are many good times available in the white season. Now that the sun is higher in the sky and, at times this year, giving us some warmth in the air, we can get out and get our Vitamin D naturally. By now- June- we have many ways in many places to get our fresh air and exercise and it always adds another dimension of enjoying ourselves when water is involved. In it, on it or beside it, water ups the ante.


I was walking the edges of a Springwater farm last week and came upon a wet patch of ground about 30’ by 50’ (or the metric equivalent). Curiosity naturally bubbled to the top with the water and I had to check it out. After walking around the trickling of water I found the source. It was a small spring that happened to show itself. That tiny ‘find’ heightened the enjoyment of the walk.
Then there is Georgian Bay. No trickles here. It is huge. About a third the size of the rest of Lake Huron! There are so many stretches of waterfront that can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways. Some areas have provisions for wheel chairs and walkers.
I’ve seen the park and city crews busy getting the beaches of Wasaga Beach and the dozens of Tiny Beaches back to summer condition. Runners, walkers, fat wheeled bikers, Frisbee throwers, kite flyers, picnickers, hand holders, parents and grandparents with blankets and chairs, are common sights on the shores of the bay from Collingwood to Thunder Beach and beyond. And, of course, waders, swimmers, kite riders, board walkers, sea-dooers, fishing enthusiasts and boaters enjoy themselves daily, weather permitting. 



The smaller lakes (Hi, Orr Lakers!) offer cool day trips as well. Smaller boats for skiing and fishing and sea-doos are popular. A great park on the south shore is always a great spot to take a break. I’ve had many a lunch break there and at the boat launch on the north shore.

Rivers abound in the area. Planning a day trip with a packed lunch will allow you to enjoy some hiking and nature watching. Barb and I have enjoyed the surprising moments provided by rivers and ponds around Hillsdale and beaver ponds that appear out of nowhere on our Argo runs. Martins, rabbits, deer, coyotes, foxes, bears and moose prints have given us time to feel the joys of nature.

Trails for all levels of physical effort – little to “Oh, boy! Let’s rest here a bit” – often lead you to adventurist moments traveling beside larger rivers like the Nottawasaga, the Sturgeon and the Wye and the smaller ones whose names only the locals know. Often, if it’s not the wildlife that grabs you, it’s the scenery. You’ll have to just stop, maybe sit for a bit, and take in the spectacular views that abound in our area and all over Ontario. To get that mental recharge, to feel nature’s joy in your heart, to experience the excitement and appreciation of the outdoors, take in what is offered all around us… the wonderful watering holes. You’ll bump into one whichever direction you go. And you’ll understand firsthand the true meaning of the word ‘awesome’.

Are you ready to pay yourself first this week? Give yourself (alone, with a friend or 2, family, or your dog) a bit of precious time…for you. You may even feel more a part of your world and be ready to face that world with your more relaxed self! Let me know how you make out.

 Have A Good One!




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