Why list your home with an real estate agent?

(Published on - 6/14/2017 5:19:40 AM)

For Sale By Owner - You want to sell your home to save money:


It is becoming more common that homeowners are deciding to sell their homes themselves.  Hey, nothing wrong with that at all but do you know what selling a home entails?  Real estate agents get a bad rep and in most cases it is not the case that they are out to "make a quick buck" or get rich while lying to the public.  Real estate agents are some of the hardest working people out there.  They work long hours, weekends, holidays, nights, days, while the sun is shining and even in the several feet of snow we got in the Bitterroot this past winter.  Selling real estate is a source of income for sales agents and brokers, and most times it is their only income.  If there is no sale, there is no paycheck.  


Although you might be saving money by not using a real estate agent, you could potentially putting yourself at risk regarding legalities of that sale.  Real estate agents have gone to school and are nationally and state licensed in their field to sell real estate.  They are your subject matter experts when it comes to selling or buying a home so lean on them, ask questions, interview more than just one agent, and ask even more questions.   One of the biggest questions you should ask your real estate agent is, "how much is my home worth"?  


Have you done the necessary research to come up with this answer?  There is a difference between what you, the homeowner, thinks your home is worth and what it actually worth.  Fair market value could be more or less than what you as the homeowner is thinking.  What type of area are you in?  That plays are large part of fair market value; a home in a university district will more than likely be higher in price than a home in a rural area.  Real estate agents are trained to look for specific details about a property to help market that property the best way possible.  We also have online marketing tools to broadcast your home to more places.  The more ways you advertise, the better.  All the while taking stress off of you as the homeowner, leaving you with only one thing to worry about regarding the sale of your home; when do you start packing?


This is no pity party by any means, just an article about the pros of hiring a real estate agent to sell your home.  Real estate agents want to earn your business and do their job well.  Give them that chance to get to work for you!  Allow me to get to work for you!