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Staging Tips

QuickTips For Staging Your Home And Getting It Ready To Sell



  • Clear all unnecessary objects from furniture (blankets, excess pillows).  Keep decorative pillows in groups of one, three or five.  In general, a sparsely decorated home allows a potential buyer the ability to picture their own items in the home.
  • Rearrange or move furniture around in order to enhance the best features of the home (a beautiful fireplace, gorgeous windows).  Removing excess furniture will allow the appearance of a room to be larger.
  • Clear all unnecessary objects from countertops in the kitchen.  If it hasn't been used in months, put it away.  Clear refrigerator fronts of all magnets and notes.
  • Remove any unnecessary items from bathroom countertops and tub/shower area.  Coordinate towels in one or two colors only.
  • Take down or reduce or rearrange pictures and objects on walls.  Patch and paint all walls if necessary.
  • Review the interior of the house room by room and:

             1.  Paint any room needing it -- neutral color

             2.  Clean carpet and draperies/blinds if needed

             3.  Clean windows

  • If you need room to store extra possessions, use a corner of the garage or rent a storage unit.  The less clutter you have in your home (and in closets), the more appealing it will be to potential buyers.
  • During showings, leave on all lights and open window curtains.



  • Look around entire perimeter of home and remove or store all garbage cans, scraps of wood, building materials,  excess kids toys, etc.
  • Clean gutters
  • Look at plantings and prune bushes and trees as needed.  Keep plants from blocking windows.
  • Remove dead plants, weed all planting beds and put down fresh mulch (if necessary).
  • Clear patios and decks of small unnecessary items such as planters, flower pots (a few filled flower pots are ok), charcoal, barbeques, toys, etc.
  • Look at the condition of the paint on your home, especially the trim and front door.  The first impression is very important!



Look at you home through a BUYER'S EYES, as though you have never seen it before.  This exercise will help you see what needs to be done.  The time and money that you invest on these items will usually bring you a good return and a quicker home sale!


Good luck on getting your home ready and call G3 Realtors for any help during this process!









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