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Getting the most for your home is everyone's concern.  It is probably one of your largest investments and is certainly important. And it is understandable that it creates anxiety.  My job is to make this process as painless as possible; ask me how I can help.  

See our SELLERS FAQs for more tips.

Our extensive, PERSONALIZED MARKETING PLAN is available to you, to get your home sold at the highest price, in the shorted possible time.

What can you do to help sell your home?          

 Being pro-active is often your best policy.  Consider doing the following:  

- Having your home given a "Pre-Listing Inspection".  A home inspector can come through your home and tell you what they would point out as problem areas to a buyer.  Usually, the inspector doesn't give you a written report, so they are able to do this a lesser rate.  Contact me for a list of local inspectors that will do this for you.  

- Fix the problem areas from the inspection, before a buyer has a chance to utilize them as a reason not to buy your house.  They will probably have their own inspection too, but you will be able to sleep knowing you have done all you can.

- Having the septic inspected.  Be prepared, but don't pump the tank unless your inspector tells you to.  If your system is older, address the issues before they derail a transaction.  If there is a problem, it is better to know about it in advance than to have the buyer's inspector find it.  Either way, it will certainly be found and need to be dealt with. Septic repair companies are often willing to wait until the closing for payment, if your attorney will draft a letter promising payment from closing funds.

  • - Take care of underground storage tanks. If you have an underground oil tank, be aware that most buyers will not be able to get a mortgage on your property, nor will they be able to get affordable home insurance.  If you have an insurance program on your underground tank, the situation may be different. This work can take a month or more and it is better to address this before a closing needs to be delayed. Quite possible a buyer may not be able to wait for a delayed closing, a contract might need to be canceled and your home put back on the market.

  • - Water & Radon Tests. Sellers with well water are required by the State to provide a certification that the water is potable. Consider doing this at the earliest convenience to avoid last minute upsets. Buyers will test your home for radon gas, but if you have had an indication of a problem in the past, you can test your home, too.

  • - A Home Warranty. For a moderate fee, your home becomes more attractive to potential buyers and you get piece of mind that last minute problems can be easily solved.

  • - Stage your home. Have a professional stager make recommendations on how to make your home more attractive to home buyers and help reduce visual clutter. Ask me for ideas and help with this.


See the following pages for more suggestions: SELLING FOR TOP DOLLAR and SELLING FIRST IMPRESSIONS


Seller's responsibilities for the closing                                               

As a seller you will need to take care of certain things before the closing that are considered the seller's responsibility.  

These include:

  1. - Locate your Deed and Home Owners Association Bylaws, if applicable..

    • - A copy of your Survey is helpful to buyers.  Let's provide a copy

    • - NJ requires a water test, if you have a well

    • - Smoke detectors, fire extinguisher, and carbon monoxide detectors are required and your home must have a certification from your town that it is in compliance.  Town inspection usually takes a week or more and there is a fee.

    • - a Certificate of Continuing Occupancy might be needed in your town.  Again, town inspection takes a week or two and there is a fee.

    • - In town home or condo communities, check with your homeowners association or Management Company to see if there are "move-out" deposits necessary.

    • - Pay the Realty Transfer Fee at closing.  see NJ HOME SALES TAX 

    • - Contact your utilities to close or move your accounts and make final readings for the pro-rated charges at closing.

    • - Tell your neighbors about your good experiences in selling your home.

When you are ready to start marketing your home, give me a call!

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