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Sharon Doyle, Realty Executives - Integrity

Agent has been building a successful career
By Robert Warde Oct. 12, 2013

Sharon Doyle began her career selling real estate as an agent selling homes for a local, luxury homebuilder. She joined Dale’s Home Selling Team and Realty Executives - Integrity in 2009. She discusses her real estate sales career in this edited interview.


What do you enjoy about selling real estate?
I enjoy working late at night putting a deal together. I also like the flexibility with the schedule. There are downtimes during the real estate cycle at Christmas and the holidays. This allows me to catch my breath and recharge for my clientele.


What do you consider your biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge is balancing my career with my family's schedule.


What role should an agent play for a client?
A realtor should be a trusted negotiator. Be honest and upfront during their presentation of properties, and provide solid advice for their clients. Once the signatures are on the offer to purchase, the realtor must work to ensure the deal goes to close and all parties in the transaction are satisfied with the end result. One of the main skills of a realtor is being able to stay calm when there is chaos and keep the deal together.


What qualities make for a good realtor?
Optimism and patience are two qualities which should define a real estate agent. A real estate agent must be patient with all parties in the transaction and be professional. The majority of the time, everyone involved in the transaction is doing their best to bring the transaction to a close.


What was your hardest sale or deal to close? 
I have worked on many challenging deals. My toughest sale was a client who wanted to live in a particular subdivision. The client placed offers on two homes and had inspection issues with both properties. Ultimately, the buyer purchased a third home in the same subdivision and went to closing. I worked a long time with the client and was pleased for the buyer’s family when the transaction closed.


How has your approach to the business changed in the challenging market?
I increased my commitment to assisting my buyers and sellers. I keep a positive approach with my buyers and sellers, and make sure I have optimism when I show up to work every day. In order to be successful you have to be responsible to your clients and in tune with your clients. I increased the amount of one-on-one contact with my clients. The best communication is face-to-face communication and I have committed myself to spending time with my clients.


Have you learned anything from your clients?
My clients help educate me on a daily basis, which provides me with more experience and makes me a better real estate agent. When I think I have handled every situation, a new situation arrives.


Describe your quickest sale and why it was so.
I listed a luxury, lake property in Waukesha County, and the property needed to be updated and refreshed. At my recommendation, the owner hired a stager and transformed the property. The property sold to the first buyer who looked at it and there were also several offers on that property. This was a great experience to see the home sell quickly and for a great price in a down market.


Have you had any mentors?
I work on Dale Schaechterle’s team, who is the owner of Realty Executives - Integrity, Dale’s Home Selling Team. Dale has been instrumental in my success as he has encouraged me to reach goals which I did not believe we could reach as a team. Dale is positive and encouraging in the toughest times, and provides sound advice.


What is the best advice you have been given?
My husband has been a luxury real estate agent for a long time, and he has taught me to be calm and professional, and provide solid advice in times of adversity.


What is the most important advice you give to clients?
If it was meant to be, it will happen. I have seen buyers lose a house which I did not feel could be replaced with a nicer home for the same price. Ultimately, the buyer found a nicer house at an even better price. The market is changing and this may no longer be the case, but it was interesting to see buyers get a better deal than I thought possible on premier properties.


How do you recharge during your downtime?
In the summer, I recharge on the boat with my family. If I worked the weekend, I make sure I take some time off during the weekdays to keep me energized.


What charitable or professional groups or activities are you involved with?
Currently Dale’s Home Selling Team is collecting coats for “Condella’s Coats for Kids” coat drive.


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