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If you are locked into a closed mortgage, you may want to break your current mortgage contract and negotiate a new mortgage at a lower rate. Some agreements do not allow for a mortgage to be renegotiated, but most do. Financial institutions will usually allow you to pre-pay your mortgage in full, but will add a penalty.
How penalty charges are calculated
Your penalty charges depend on what was stated in the original mortgage agreement or in the most recent renewal agreement that you signed.  If your agreement allows you to pay off or renegotiate your mortgage early, you will normally have to pay a penalty.
The penalty is generally the greater of:
1) three month's interest on your current mortgage, calculated as follows:
                     (A  x  B/12)  x 3 months  = Penalty
  • A is the outstanding amount on your mortgage
  • B is the annual interest rate on your mortgage


2) Other Possible Penalty calculation is the interest rate differential which can be calculated as follows:         

                      ( (A x B-C)/12)   x  D

A is the outstanding amount on your mortgage
B is the annual interest rate on your mortgage
C is the current mortgage rate for a term similar to what is left on your existing mortgage
D is the number of months left to the end of your term 
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