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Dawn Drexler-Hilber


All About Me!

(Published on - 5/21/2020 8:26:43 PM)

To say Madison and the surrounding communities are not my expertise is an understatement.  I have had the joy of being a lifetime resident (minus 3 years) in Madison and the burbs.  Growing up, my family lived in Fitchburg… we didn’t live in just one neighborhood but 3 different ones in that area. The final one led me to spend lots of time in Verona as we settled in a neighborhood that bussed us to that school district. This allowed me to become familiar with that side of the county. 



As a young adult, I was fortunate to become a homeowner on the East side. I remember my first night in the house after my mom and sister left. I had a feeling of being homesick as I had ventured across town and  bought my own home… but in a part of town I had never lived.  How crazy was that! I should have been so excited but instead I felt homesick. 



Well, luckily that didn’t last long and the East side of Madison became my new home and an area I grew to love.  Fast forward 5 years and I met my husband, Rob. Since he had a job out of town, we had to compromise on a place to live which is how I ended up in Sun Prairie. Once again, within a short time, the community around became home and couldn't  imagine leaving. We all go through many emotions while making life changes, and I get it!!  I can definitely ride the rollercoaster with you while helping determine where your new adventure will take you.

Please let me use my knowledge of communities and the process of buying or selling to help you. 


               My Life and Interests:


                               Supporting my community and children in sports

                                         A parent of college students! Ugh!

                                           Flowers… and more flowers! 

                                                 Snowshoeing- when it’s not too cold…






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