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The Importance of Listing with a Realtor® that knows the Area!

(Published on - 2/19/2020 2:23:56 PM)


Choosing the right Realtor® is an important first step in getting your house sold for the most amount of money in the least amount of time.  Often times I hear sellers choosing to work with someone to sell their home because they are a friend, or they are a relative, or they were referred to them by someone they know.  Don’t get me wrong.. those are all GREAT reasons to consider listing with them.  After all, you know them, or they were referred to you. That’s important right?  It sure is!!  However, what’s even more important is that they know the area surround where your home is.  After all…. A Buyer isn’t just looking at your home, they are looking at the community they will live in. So, let’s talk a bit about why choosing a Realtor® that knows that community is so important.

Schools: You may or may not have kids and the potential buyers may or may not have kids.  Either way, having a Realtor® that has knowledge of the school district your home is located in is important.  Why?  It’s not just about the education that’s offered, its also about what that school brings to the community.  Do they have a theater program that will have local entertainment options? Do they have a dance or poms program that challenges the kids?  How about a community outreach program, do the students help out in the community?  Do they have IB and AP Classes and is that a draw to bring people to the community?  Are there public and private school options?            


Local Cuisine & Shopping:  Life can get busy and highlighting where a homeowner can go to grab the best burger in town, that amazing homemade chicken noodle soup when they are feeling under the weather or a scoop (or 2!) of the smoothest custard around is so helpful!  Does the community you live in have a few grocery store options?  Everyone has their favorite.. it’s up to us as Realtors® to highlight the options!

Parks:  It’s important to highlight parks in the area when selling your home. Your Realtor® can help do that.  What activities does that park offer? Does it have biking or walking trails?  How about a dog park for the dog enthusiast?  Is there an entrance fee?  If so, how much is it?  How about cross country skiing?  Or tennis courts and barbecues?  There are so many advantages to having a park close by!!


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