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Part 2 | Moving..It's NOT Just For Humans. Time to Meet Your Neighbors

(Published on - 11/21/2019 8:16:21 PM)


Once you and your pets have made the smooth transition into your new home, it is time to meet the neighbors!  Contrary to what you may think, your neighbors should not only meet you. Introducing your pets and your neighbors has so many benefits for you and your animal!

The first thing this is going to do is make your pets more comfortable with their new environment. They should be familiar with their surroundings and the people who are apart of that! 

"The best thing I did when we moved was set a routine to take both dogs on a walk. Just as we get comfortable with our routines, our pets do too. It is so important to keep their routines the same from where you moved from to where you moved to.

Walking them gave me the opportunity to introduce myself and the dogs to my neighbors who were out and about. It was important to me that my dogs felt comfortable and that my neighbors knew who my dogs were incase they ever got out." -Becky Wilde

It is equally as important for your neighbors to know your pets for precautionary reasons. If they ever got out, you not only want your neighbors to know who they are but your pets to feel comfortable enough to approach them. A simple introduction could make the difference for a quick and safe return home!


Finally, your neighbors may have pets that yours will be interacting with. Whether they play together or not, they should be comfortable incase they bump into each other on a walk or in a yard. You want the animals of the neighborhood to be civil and get along and introduction is the first step you should take to make that happen!

Taking a few steps to ensure your pet's comfort in the neighborhood and around your neighbors is essential! Are you or someone you know hoping to move? Contact Becky @ Dale's Home Selling Team TODAY - she cannot wait to help you and provide insight about moving with your ENTIRE family.  #WeMoveWI


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