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Market Update!

(Published on - 4/13/2020 5:11:20 PM)

Dear Customers, Family & Friends,

In these unprecedented times I wanted to start by wishing you and your family good health and peace of mind, now and in the coming weeks ahead. Isolation can be so difficult especially when the news creates anxiety. There is much misinformation and it is important to get the facts as to what lies ahead.

It has been declared that the real estate sales business is an “essential” service. That means we can continue to put homes on the market and show prospective buyers properties, while following all of the necessary safety guidelines.

As such, all open houses have been cancelled, as we want to stay away from any group situation. Therefore showings will be done one at a time, with buyers accompanied by agents. We ask Realtors® and buyers to hand wash upon entry, use hand sanitizer or wear rubber gloves. We also ask sellers to turn on all lights to prevent any unnecessary contact.

If this makes you feel uncomfortable, then I suggest waiting until things get better before we put your property on the market. If your home is vacant, I would suggest putting it on the market sooner than later while the inventory is still low, as many sellers will be coming on the market at the same time when it is safe to leave your home and the competition to sell your property will be higher.

For buyers that are not feeling comfortable leaving their homes, I am offering virtual touring of the properties that my clients are very interested in. I walk through the property videoing, live streaming or FaceTiming so that my clients can get a better perspective of the property.

Real estate values have actually gone up on average (except the recession of 2008) in 3 of the last 5 recessions and only down 1.9% in the fourth recession. We anticipate home values will maintain stable despite the delay, but of course we are in uncharted territory. As the stock market declines, more and more people are looking for “tangible assets” to invest their money and real estate is one of those.

Interest rates remain low and numbers of buyers are high. Again, job losses may affect the number of buyers in the market. On the positive side, 84% of millennials state that home ownership is still the American dream.

If you have a secure job and are financially stable then this might be the best time to buy that home you’ve had your eye on because sellers who are in the market will most likely jump at the opportunity to accept an offer coming from someone who is financially able to close the deal. Remember that there is always an opportunity to make good deals in any economic situation. You have to decide for yourself if you are able to do it and if the time is right for you.

As this situation continues to evolve, there may be a pent up demand as many sellers and buyers realize they want to be in a different setting if this ever should happen in the future. Remember there are many reasons to move; marriage, children, job change, retirement and downsizing.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I am here to help in any way possible. Together we will get through this by taking care of each other.

Thanks very much and please stay safe.


Dale's Home Selling Team 

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Below are some helpful thoughts for Buyers & Sellers in today's current market:

Should I consider buying right now?

  • Most importantly, if safety is your main concern you must do what is right for you and never be afraid to ask your agent the appropriate questions regarding safeguards and protocols in place to ensure a buying experience that is comfortable for YOU.
  • Many buyers are taking advantage of the low interest rates right now.
  • Some buyers have decided to wait for the time being, creating an opportunity for others.
  • Online property photos/videos and information is so comprehensive now that the majority of your search can be completed at home with private property showings being limited to your few "Finalists" to determine which home to make an offer on.
  • Once you find the right home, negotiations, contracts and the processing of your accepted offer can mostly be completed electronically all the way to your day of closing.

Should I consider selling my home right now?

  • Most importantly, if safety is your main concern you must do what is right for you and never be afraid to ask your agent the appropriate questions regarding safeguards and protocols in place to ensure a selling experience that is comfortable for YOU.
  • We have ceased open houses for the time being, eliminating that traffic through your home and limiting property viewings to serious buyers through scheduled appointments that must be approved by you.
  • Current listings are actually receiving more market exposure now as online showings increase.
  • Demand is steady as buyers continue to take advantage of low interest rates.
  • Buyers are eager to see NEW inventory.
  • Buyers currently in the market should be considered serious buyers.
  • When buyers are ready to make an offer, negotiations, contracts, and the processing of your accepted offer can mostly be completed electronically all the way to your day of closing.

Standing Together to Support Local Businesses!

(Published on - 3/28/2020 3:03:17 PM)

We are currently in a very confusing and unknown time. With America slowly shutting down in response to Covid-19, we, as a community, need to stand together and support local.

During this time with restaurants closing their doors and non-essential (but extremely loved) shops are closed, when we can, we need to shop and buy from our community favorites. Think about the local coffee shop down the road, the gathering spot at the bar & grill, or the quaint clothing store - all who rely on our business to stay afloat.  Now is a more difficult time than ever before. Corporate stores and restaurants have a good chance of bouncing back from this pandemic, but will our cherished neighborhood spots? They WILL have a better chance with our support during these unprecedented times.

If takeout or pick-up is available, keep that top of mind when you need a coffee break or a quick,  easy and delicous family meal. If their doors are closed until further notice, buy a gift card for when they re-open or order merchendise online! 

I wanted to take the time to highlight a handful of these business that are right in our backyard:

Mama D's | Wales, Waukesha & Genesee Depot

"We are open!" - Mama D
They are ready for curbside and delivery at all locations! For more information and updates on Mama   D's & the coronavirus, click HERE!



Crafty Cow | Oconomowoc

 Crafty Cow has put Curbside 
Pickup into place & delivery through some delivery apps. They are serving their regular menu & some specials! For more information click HERE!

Finn's Bar & Grill | Wales

Finn's bar & grill is ready to serve
you for lunch and dinner with
their regular menu items for carry out! for continued UPDATES ON finn's deals & business click HERE!



Foolery's | Oconomowoc

Foolery's is open for take-out and curbside pickup! Looking for a great burger, some amazing wings or a tasty soup?  Foolerys is your place!  FOR the carry out number & hours, CLICK HERE!



Angelina's Italian Ristorante | Downtown Delafield

At angelina's, they have carryout and curbside pickup available FOR you! for  MORE  INFORMATION AND UPDATES ON angelina's & THE CORONAVIRUS, CLICK HERE!



When the community is able to open their doors back up to the public, we want to see our cherished neighborhood spots continue to thrive! For now? Plan a stop at Mama D's for a morning coffee, Crafty Cow for some cheese curds, Finn's Bar & Grill for a Friday fish fry, Foolery's for wings, and Angelina's for an in-home Italian date night!


Community Highlight | Oconomowoc Public Library

(Published on - 3/10/2020 4:57:23 PM)

The Importance of Listing with a Realtor® that knows the Area!

(Published on - 2/19/2020 2:23:56 PM)


Choosing the right Realtor® is an important first step in getting your house sold for the most amount of money in the least amount of time.  Often times I hear sellers choosing to work with someone to sell their home because they are a friend, or they are a relative, or they were referred to them by someone they know.  Don’t get me wrong.. those are all GREAT reasons to consider listing with them.  After all, you know them, or they were referred to you. That’s important right?  It sure is!!  However, what’s even more important is that they know the area surround where your home is.  After all…. A Buyer isn’t just looking at your home, they are looking at the community they will live in. So, let’s talk a bit about why choosing a Realtor® that knows that community is so important.

Schools: You may or may not have kids and the potential buyers may or may not have kids.  Either way, having a Realtor® that has knowledge of the school district your home is located in is important.  Why?  It’s not just about the education that’s offered, its also about what that school brings to the community.  Do they have a theater program that will have local entertainment options? Do they have a dance or poms program that challenges the kids?  How about a community outreach program, do the students help out in the community?  Do they have IB and AP Classes and is that a draw to bring people to the community?  Are there public and private school options?            


Local Cuisine & Shopping:  Life can get busy and highlighting where a homeowner can go to grab the best burger in town, that amazing homemade chicken noodle soup when they are feeling under the weather or a scoop (or 2!) of the smoothest custard around is so helpful!  Does the community you live in have a few grocery store options?  Everyone has their favorite.. it’s up to us as Realtors® to highlight the options!

Parks:  It’s important to highlight parks in the area when selling your home. Your Realtor® can help do that.  What activities does that park offer? Does it have biking or walking trails?  How about a dog park for the dog enthusiast?  Is there an entrance fee?  If so, how much is it?  How about cross country skiing?  Or tennis courts and barbecues?  There are so many advantages to having a park close by!!


Looking to sell your existing home?  Looking for a new place to call home?

Call us today, we would be honored to work with you! #WeMoveWI

Part 3 | Potential Hazards for Pets in the Holidays

(Published on - 12/19/2019 6:46:55 PM)


The holidays are a fun yet busy time of year and it is easy to get distracted. With decorations, parties, cooking, and so many activities, there are potential hazards for your pets! Here you can find certain things to avoid and be cautious of during this holiday season! 


These are some of the common potential hazards for your pet! For the families that host out there, consider finding a safe place for your pets to be in the home where it is quiet and hazard-free. They may need a break from the caos to decompress! From everyone on Dale's Home Selling Team: "Have a happy and hazard-free holiday for you & your pets!"


If you plan ahead, stay alert, and get rid of some dangers, your holiday will not only be stress-free but more fun! Are you or someone you know hoping to move? Contact Becky @ Dale's Home Selling Team TODAY - she cannot wait to help you and provide insight about moving with your ENTIRE family.  #WeMoveWI


BECKY WILDE   |  262-719-1382




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