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Taking Care of Our Community, One Invasive Species at a Time

(Published on - 10/17/2019 7:14:15 PM)


How lucky are we to live in a community where we are surrounded by hiking trails? There is one in particular that covers the entire state of Wisconsin; The Ice Age Trail! This trail covers 1,200 miles in our beloved, active-filled, state.

"The Ice Age Trail is more than a path through the woods. It is a place for mental and physical rejuvenation, a place to unwind after a hard day and enjoy the landscape of Wisconsin. More than 1 million people use the Ice Age Trail each year to hike and snowshoe, to backpack, to disconnect and reconnect." (From

Don't we want to preserve and cherish landmarks such as this? To take care of the beauty that awaits people, so it continues to be a legacy in WI? Our team sees the importance of this and spent time this week volunteering and clearing out buckthorn! Buckthorn is an invasive species that is not only taking over our trails, but it can get out of control and kill the plants and trees that make the Ice Age Trail SO desirable. 

Our goal was to help restore this beautiful trail and protect this natural treasure in our home. It is time to take back our trail and show buckthorn who's boss! 

Check out our Team's before and after shots below!


Not only is the Ice Age Trail a captivating place to spend time exercising, with family, or simply enjoying the view, but it can provide economic benefits to communities! After all, living by a trail is a must for many families!

Economic Benefits of Trails


The trail studies described in this guide collectively identify a variety of trail benefits:

  • Trails increase the value of nearby properties.
  • Trails make communities more attractive places to live. When considering where to move, homebuyers rank walking and biking paths as one of the most important features of a new community.
  • Trails influence business location and relocation decisions. Companies often choose to locate in communities that offer a high level of amenities to employees as a means of attracting and retaining top-level workers. Trails can make communities attractive to businesses looking to expand or relocate both because of the amenities they offer to employees and the opportunities they offer to cater to trail visitors.
  • Trails reduce medical costs by encouraging exercise and other healthy outdoor activities.
  • Trails revitalize depressed areas, creating a demand for space in what were once vacant buildings.
  • Trails provide low or no-cost recreation to families with low costs relative to other recreational services that could be provided by government.
  • Trails increase tax revenues in the communities in which they are located.

Do you or someone you know have interest in moving closer to a natural trail? If yes, call Dale's Home Selling Team TODAY! We would love to help you and continue saving our forests. #WeMoveWI

Ashley in the Community!

(Published on - 10/10/2019 1:35:06 PM)


With all of the state and county parks surrounding us, filled with miles and miles of land to cover, who doesn't love to hike and explore? Ashley and her family love going on hikes together around our community. Their favorite place is one they have been going to since Ashley was 18; Nashotah Park! Sitting on over 400 acres of land - this park has so much to offer! 

Ashley and her family love how close it is to home and the long list of activities you can do there! Aside from the dog park, they constantly find themselves spending time as a family on the many hiking trails! Not only is this an AMAZING place to explore while hiking, but it offers many winter activities as well (this is crucial seeing as though we live in Wisconsin).

"During the winter we like to cross country ski there and you can sled on sledding hill!" -Ashley 

The list of activities at Nashotah Park will seem endless with the dog park, hiking, hammocking, picnicking, fishing, boating, cross country skiing, sledding, winter hiking, snowshoeing, and so much more! 

About Nashotah Park

(Information from

Nashotah Park is a 444-acre park nestled among rolling hills, woodlands, wetlands, and grasslands that offer habitat for deer, waterfowl and a variety of songbirds. Nature trails lead through easily identifiable landscape types that were created by the last glacial advance more than 10,000 years ago: a natural lake system, an oak forest, an oak savanna (an area sparsely populated with trees), a cedar glade, a floating leaf marsh.


Due to the variety of landscapes, Nashotah Park has an outstanding array of songbirds. The scenery comes alive with different colors for each season. In winter, the park continues to thrive as all levels of snowshoers and cross-country skiers spend mornings and afternoons on miles of trails.

How lucky are we to live in such an active community with so many parks?

If you are ever looking for a place to hike, cross country ski, sled, or let your dog run wild in the dog park, go check out Nashotah Park! The beauty behind that park entrance is one that is unforgettable! 

Stay tuned for more about Dale's Team members & their FAVORITE places to go in our amazing community! #WeMoveWI

Buying a Lot and Building Your Dream HOME!

(Published on - 10/3/2019 3:07:58 PM)


(All photos of custom design work are from JKS Homes, LLC -

When looking for a home, we all have a checklist we want to fulfill. We want the kitchen to look a certain way, the master bedroom located on a certain floor, the right number of bedrooms & bathrooms to fit your family's needs, and this list could go on-and-on. Every family is different and have different needs and wants in their home. So, why not ensure you get every need and want?

For some, the decision to build a custom home is simple, all for one reason: you get everything you want in a home - everything on YOUR checklist can be taken care of. From the layout that best suits your needs, to the self-expression you can pour into the details, it truly will be the home built just for you! 

Beyond that, you have the freedom to make your home more technology savvy, have more energy efficiency, and with everything being brand new, you could have lower home maintenance. 

"Building a home not only puts you in control of  the design of every aspect of your home, ensuring all of your lifestyle needs are met, it is also cost saving. Everything is brand new — from the cosmetics to the mechanicals to the energy efficiency structural elements — saving you from costly renovations and upgrades to an existing home." ~JKS Homes, LLC                   

The next big thing: LOCATION. Who doesn't love the ability to not only choose the location you want your home, but the specific lot? This holds so much power for many reasons. When determining your lot and location, many aspects will play a roll. These are the type of questions you'll find yourself asking: what school district is the lot in, how many acres does it have, what is the price?

Now, what if I told you we have generous lot sizes ranging from 1.50-1.75 acres, starting only at $89,900, AND they are located in an award-winning school district? Just think of the beautiful home (that checks off every last detail) you could build on these!

You might be thinking; “that’s too good to be true!” - let me introduce you to Hidden Knoll...


 Special Features

enjoy a sense of community in the country

With over thirty-two acres of shared open space, and generous lot sizes ranging from 1.50-1.75 acres, Hidden Knoll offers the perfect blend of privacy and community. Owners can run, walk, and play on designated trails, host a gathering in a picnic area, or explore the natural beauty of our preserved prairie and wooded areas. Enjoy serene views and watch the leaves change in the fall from one of the benches along the trail.

located within a nationally awarded school district

While employing 14 national board-certified teachers, the Mukwonago school district has been nationally recognized for its high level of commitment to education.  The district is among only 15% of schools nationwide to receive the “What Parents Want” award, and the town of Mukwonago was given the number two spot on the “safest cities in Wisconsin” designation. In 2016, the school was subject to a 50-million-dollar renovation, ensuring the facilities are as impressive as the staff!  

far enough away yet close to everything

Nearby towns include Eagle, Mukwonago, North Prairie, East Troy, Genesee, Wales, Delafield, Waukesha and Whitewater. With countless restaurants, festivals, shopping, and entertainment so near, you will never run out of places to go, or things to do. Mukwonago’s famous Maxwell Street Days is just one of the many local events that will keep you and your family having fun on the weekends. Catch great performance art, music, and theatre just up the road in Whitewater, at the Young auditorium, or check out East Troy’s robust offering of events including music, fests, and other gatherings. Also, nearby, enjoy hundreds of miles of trails throughout the Kettle Moraine Forest, Southern Unit, a renowned outdoor destination. Head over to Delafield to shop its charming downtown art district or enjoy a day on the water on one of the many lakes. And don’t forget nearby Alpine Valley for big ticket concert events, golfing, and skiing.

expertly crafted to preserve a unique prairie knoll

The development has taken careful precautions to preserve the existing dry prairie features of the land. The protection of the prairie knoll will conserve and restore unique plant ecosystems as well as a variety of rare plant species. Climb to the top and see for miles! Enjoy the beautiful sights of the neighborhood’s very own natural resources and restoration areas!

Contact us TODAY to reserve YOUR lot! #WEMOVEWI


Charlie Smart






What Draws YOU to a Property?

(Published on - 9/26/2019 5:16:20 PM)



When we asked our customer what drew him to the property when he bought it, the answer was simple: the two amazing ponds and the private setting! They're ready to downsize now and are looking for someone to create new memories on these mesmerizing ponds. 

A path will lead you perfectly to the two ponds where endless possibilities and adventure await you! This is the perfect location to enjoy canoeing, fishing, and so much more. And if that is not enough activity, the subdivision has a beach, park and tennis courts! As you can imagine - all owners enjoy the many activities with family and friends.  

We know what you're thinking: 'How AMAZING. But, what do you do when Wisconsin has yet another polar vortex and no one wants to even leave the house?'. Don't fret. This home comes with an immaculate indoor pool that will entertain you and your family throughout the entire year!


There's more! This multilevel home with unique architecture sits on a 3.75-acre property, located in the Kettle Moraine School District! At over 4100 sq. feet, this home offers views of the stunning property and a well-planned layout for entertaining. The sunken living room greets you as you enter through the front foyer, featuring a wood accented ceiling and a wall of windows to view the private backyard. Overlooking the living room and its wood burning fireplace is an open dining room with a beamed ceiling. Dinner in the kitchen and dinette lead to relaxing in the den and then outside to the stamped patio & deck where you'll enjoy total privacy.

To better understand the memories instilled in our client & his family, here is his insight after his grandson came to help them move:

"I wish we could capture in words things he said and did while he was here. Over and over, our conversations revolved around the fantasy land our property represented for him and his eight cousins when they were boys and girls. They begged their parents to visit us so they could work on their camp (Mossflower they called it), explore the rocky creek that connects the two ponds, ice skate on the ponds, or romp in the indoor pool. While he was here last week, he re-explored the whole property with a camera to try to capture the memories...His memories are the flip-side of my own. I cherish the thought that I was able to teach most of my grandkids how to swim in our pool.  I remember sharing their delight when they caught their first fish and dipped their first oar into the pond from a canoe".

There are few homes that can create such powerful, everlasting memories. Can you imagine the countless memories this HOME could give you?

What draws YOU to a property? Do you want to learn more about this one? If so - Call Sarah Smart at (262)391-6809 or send an email to:






Claire in the Community!

(Published on - 9/19/2019 3:41:25 PM)

Who doesn't love a small-town custard shop that brings the community together for delicious food and custard? Claire and her family are always visiting LeDuc's Frozen Custard and they love how close it is to home, bumping into people they know, and seeing all the dogs that show up! 

When they visit LeDuc's, you need to understand that they go with 'rules'! First: the girls can order anything they want! As you can imagine; the table is full of cheese curds, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, and whatever else catches their attention! That being said; Claire & Adam never order food because they know the girls will order enough for the whole family!

The second rule is simple: "dessert comes first, ALWAYS" (and if you have ever been to LeDuc's, you understand why the custard must come first)!

Recommendation: "Try the specials! They are always so good & massive!" 

About LeDuc's

(Information from

LeDuc’s Frozen Custard opened for business in 1980 and quickly became Waukesha’s favorite place to stop for Fresh Frozen Custard treats. The custard recipe that we offer today is the original recipe used when LeDuc’s opened!

We pride ourselves on serving only the highest quality food, drinks and frozen custard products. Our commitment to using only choice ingredients ensures that the products from LeDuc’s will always be the best.

Every day at LeDuc’s we produce three fresh custard flavors for you to enjoy: chocolate, vanilla and a flavor-of- the-day. As with all of our products, these are made using only the highest quality custard mix.

Ice Cream Restaurant - Mukwonogo, WI

Our flavor-of-the-day is selected from an ever-growing list of about 75 different flavors! We pride ourselves in carrying, at all times, the largest selection of packaged custard, which is available in pints and quarts. In addition to our take home packaged treats, we offer an extensive menu of burgers, sandwiches, soups, appetizers, custard pies and more. See our menu page for the full menu.

LeDuc’s Frozen Custard is conveniently located three miles south of 94 at the intersection of Highway 83 and 18. Come visit our family friendly store and enjoy unbelievably delicious food and award winning Fresh Frozen Custard treats!


Stay tuned for more about Dale's Team members & their FAVORITE places to go in our amazing community! #WeMoveWI



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