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Chris Quiazon

Chris Quiazon


There are 19,000 Realtors in Las Vegas, but only 5% are full-time agents who solely rely on real estate as their career.  I am part of the 5%.  

You're getting a lot of calls from agents.  They are all applying for the job of selling your home. But... how do you filter out the good agents from the bad agents?  

Good Agents meaning, they are going to do everything in their power to aggressively market and sell your home.

Bad Agents meaning, they just want your listing to feel good about themselves that they are in business, list it in the MLS and pray to God that your home sells.  Which it won't, it will expire again.

I'm here to ask you, please don't let one bad experience from a bad agent ruin the experience of selling your home.

I would like to apply for the job of Re-listing your property and getting it SOLD this time around.  

What makes me different from other agents is what I call my Easy Exit Listing.  It guarantees you that if you feel I am not doing a great job, you can call me the next day and we will cancel the listing.  Very simple!

I will never tie you up in a multi-month contract you feel frustrated about and might cost you more money.  I won't do that!

Another reason on why you want to hire me is the fact that I am a better Marketer than I am an Agent.

I know exactly what needs to be done to expose your property to qualified buyers who are interested in the features and benefits of your home.  

I will auto populate over 1,000 websites such as Zillow, Trullia, Realtor, Homes, and etc.  These are important but are very passive.

I am very aggresssive and I would love to show you exactly how when we meet for 15 minutes. 

Below: Facebook Ad I ran for 5 days and reached over 5,000 buyers who are interested in the features and benefits of this listing.  The property went under contract in 4 days.

Facebook Marketing, Property was exposed to over 5,000 buyers in a matter of 5 days.


There is no obligation in meeting with me, our meeting will only take 15 minutes.  You can decide for yourself if I am a match for you and your goals, if not, I will walk away.  Atleast, you get information on how to hire the right agent this time around.

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Chris Quiazon

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