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The Caswell Team

Caswell Team Seller Marketing Plan


We’re not going to use catch phrases like “power marketing” or “super selling system” because we don’t sugar coat our plan to attract sellers.  Our marketing plan is designed to attract BUYERS, not use it to attract more listings.  So, our title is straight forward and to the point – it’s our Caswell Team Seller Marketing Plan that we’ve designed through years of experience and expertise to maximize your visibility in a crowded marketplace and get the attention of the buyer for your property.

Our marketing plan is a multi-pronged approach to broadcast your listing into all corners of the web, social media, email inboxes and even into your neighbours’ phone lines.  How does that work?  Here it goes…..


Some people dread the sign.  Some people are adamant they don’t want one in the front yard.  They simply don’t want their neighbours to know they’re selling.  Sometimes it’s based on the circumstances in the home, sometimes they think some neighbours are too “gossipy” and some just think it’s an eye sore. 

We’re willing to do whatever you’d like but here’s the truth about the yard sign –  they work, and they work well.  If Social Media and YouTube videos were better that much better than signage, we’d stop making signs because they cost a fortune!  But there’s a reason they’ve never phased out even with all this new technology.

The neighbours will know you’re selling – the gossipy neighbour probably knew before you did and, once showings start, the agent with the bumper-to-bumper logoed SUV will be a definite giveaway.  So, let’s get that sign in the ground!

Neighbours can actually be a big help.  They see the sign and often a neighbour will know a friend or a relative who wants to live in that area.  Then there are the “Dairy Queeners” – people who get a Blizzard™ on a nice Saturday afternoon and drive slow around neighbourhoods eating their ice cream treats.

And now our signs have even gotten better.  You’ll notice we’ve removed our pictures from our signs because we’re not trying to sell ourselves.  Instead, they do have a ton of contact information on how to reach us for more information on your listing and, even better, instant information through TEXT CODES.


Once your listing is posted to the system, we attach text codes to your listing.  Some are located in the print magazines, some are in locations online and one will be predominantly posted right above the “For Sale” sign.  When a buyer texts the code to our Realty Executives Canada text code phone number, they’re provided with an instant text with details about your listing and a link to view the full listing and the high-quality pictures!


It doesn’t matter what platform is being used to promote your listing, it’s imperative to have top quality photos taken by a professional.  No smartphone and novice photographer can truly provide the vivid imagery and eye for shot direction like a professional can.  If you have great pics, the rest of the marketing is just that much more effective.


Not in the real estate world it’s not.  Lots of agents have gone exclusive to the online world but the whole world isn’t completely online yet.  We feel it’s still extremely important to have your ad out there in print as it’s just another arm of a solid marketing campaign that must be covered.  We still see people picking up the books on the way into a restaurant, waiting for their car to be serviced or just having a morning coffee outside on a nice day.


Speaking of coffee and waiting, we also advertise your listing on Digital Marketing boards located in drive-thrus throughout Greater Sudbury.  These ads provide repetitive advertising in prominent locations where people are front and center viewing the boards.  You never know where the right buyer will be for your listing, so let’s look for them even while they’re in their car waiting for their morning coffee!


As we all know, Online Marketing is a necessity in today’s world.  Research shows that over 90% of buyers begin their search online which means, if you’re not online, 90% of potential buyers may not even know your listing exists.

The ultimate online platform is the MLS® system which showcases all Realtor® listings on  It is imperative to sign a listing with a licenced Realtor® that can make sure your listing gets on this main platform.  Once we upload your listing to the MLS® system, your listing will also be broadcast throughout the internet onto a plethora of other websites that share access to this system.

Our website, the one you're on now, is part of this shared access system and you’ll not only find your listing in our “Caswell Team’s Listings” section but also can be found through our search program at and through all the other Realty Executives International sites!


This is the age of Social Media and, when you list with the Caswell Team, you’re taking full advantage of this HUGE broadcast network.  Your listing will be seen by our friends, followers, colleagues and can be shared by anyone with their own network of contacts.  Your listing will be posted on our team and our individual accounts for:


Posting your listing on these platforms is like picturing glass shattering – it starts with a little crack and then it explodes through the apps and into the eyes of an abundance of viewers!

As another necessity of a Social Media presence, we also create a video for your listing to post on our YouTube channel.  These short videos create a gorgeous collage of your listing set to music, thanks to the professional pictures, that give viewers a more realistic vision of the home instead of just click next on the photo.  Check out our YouTube channel by clicking here or on the icon above.


Even further, we also have a list of potential buyers who will get your listing directly in their Inbox to view.  These emails allow the reader to click through to your listing directly on our site and they can preview pretty much everything else we’ve mentioned above in one stop.  This may seem like a less exciting step in the process but, keep in mind, these are all pre-qualified, serious buyers that we are working with directly and we know they WANT to buy!


Well, we don’t exactly bang on the door and tell the neighbours about your listing.  Not many people like opening the door to solicitation these days.  But, we do place door hangers on each door on the streets around your listing so those that may not see the sign will know there is a hot new listing in their area.  Just like the neighbours that may know someone who wants to move to your street, these people may also be looking for a new home for themselves but want to remain in the immediate area.


We have a secret in our pocket that others may not have – we know which agents excel at specific price points.  We can’t reveal how we do it, but it certainly is beneficial to be able to call the top five agents at your price point and see if they have a buyer!


There’s our marketing plan for our listings.  Of course, every client, every property and every situation is unique, so we may not employ all these strategies for every listing and, yet, we may use even more of our marketing abilities to get your listing sold!  This was simply a snapshot of what we would do on a standard listing and we’ll always discuss strategy and revise according to what’s best to get your property sold!

If you’re interested in seeing how we can help, have any questions or would like us to come by for a free, no obligation Opinion of Value, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 705.586.3334 or to get started!




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