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The Caswell Team


Summer Vacation? What Is That?

(Published on - 7/28/2019 6:02:26 PM)

So, before I get too deep, I must give a bit of the back story and say that being self-employed is an amazing thing.  This is not me complaining but more about sharing the importance of taking time to be with your family and rejuvenate regardless of your career.

My husband was the first one to start his own business almost 13 years ago and I followed suit shortly after.  Due to the nature of the construction industry and winter’s limitations in Northern Ontario, his job is very demanding in the summer as he is a General Contractor and owner of Carniello Contracting.  He has to work ridiculously long hours during the good weather months cause of this.  And, although my career can be slower during the summer, that is certainly not the case with this summer’s market conditions in Greater Sudbury. 

Because of our hectic, self-employed schedules, we have never taken a summer vacation in 13 years. Seriously.  It’s just a known thing that we have come to accept. Sure, we’ll take the odd long weekend, but never a whole week.  We all know how quick long a weekend flies by and how exhausted we feel after them!

This year, when my husband said “hey, let’s take a week off in August”, I fell to the floor.  Realizing any of either of our clients could call us at any moment to book that week in, I quickly picked myself up and booked something so he couldn’t change his mind!  

Now that we have two little ones running around, it’s more important than ever to take that time off and just be with your family. We’re watching them grow so quickly that we’ve come to realize that we don’t want to miss a thing and want to look back on these times with our grandkids on how much fun we had with their parents when they were their age!  We don’t want them to share stories with their kids how they never saw us in the summer and how we never did anything as a family……

Regardless of whether you are self-employed like us or working for someone else, all jobs have their times of stress and demands.  This is why it’s so important to take that vacation and not feel guilty about it.  We all need a recharge sometimes and a vacation with the family, trading in the phones/laptops for ice cream cones and smores, is just what the doctor ordered…

Biggest bonus for me is knowing my clients won’t miss a beat while I’m off in recharge mode.  Thanks to being part of a strong team, I have the ability to let go and know that all the pieces of the puzzle are still moving while I am away, and I can simply slide back in without missing a beat.  And return fully revitalised to serve my clients.

No matter who is on vacation, we've always got our team of experienced and fully interchangeable Realtors® ready to help with all your real estate needs.  You can reach us any time at, check out our blog for other great articlesbegin your search here checking out all the MLS™ listings or browse through our website for great info on buying or selling in Greater Sudbury and surrounding areas.

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