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The Caswell Team


First Day of School!

(Published on - 9/21/2019 5:01:09 PM)

Well it’s that time of year - Back to school!  And the first thing that comes to mind when I hear those 3 words is the part from Billy Madison and I can’t help but start singing them….

For our family, this was the first year of school for our first baby.  The preparation that goes into getting ready for that first year of school is mind boggling.  Here I thought school would be “easy peasy”.  One good thing for sure is my wallet just got a little bit thicker.  YAY!  One less daycare payment to cover and only one left to go!

With the first day of school comes many other firsts for our initial little one.  We had our first bus practice bus ride a couple weeks before school and, man, that was fun….  NOT!  My daughter is so shy, cautious and doesn’t do well with big groups of people, she refused to take that big step onto her new, daily carpool.  I had to carry her on, gently place her in the seat and then use my famous words when I know she doesn’t want to do something - “I’ll be right back!” - as I run full speed the opposite way.  Sure, sounds a little mean, but sometimes you just have to leave, and I know there are tons of parents reading this saying, “I hear ya!”  It was pretty much identical to the first day of daycare when I used the same “I’ll be right back!” move. 

Our next first was going shopping for all her new school clothes, which ultimately didn’t matter because her first day of school outfit was a dress that she’s had for almost a year.  Oh well, at least it wasn’t a fight to get dressed!  With another first of getting into a routine of going to bed after a free-for-all during the summer and getting ready for school being tough enough, I let her have the “I’m wearing this” victory.

Here we are - the first day of school has arrived!  It has been days and days of pumping her up so she’ll get on that bus no problem.  She even keeps repeating everything over and over again - “I’m going to get on the bus mommy and it’s going to take me to school where I’m going to see my friend Ava.  Then I’m going to take the bus to daycare where mommy will pick me up!”  You got it babe.

We get up that morning and she has the biggest smile on her face!  We have breakfast, she dresses herself, brushes her teeth, gets her jacket and school bag on and then we go wait outside.  As we wait, she keeps talking about her plan, but we all know what’s coming.  And then the big, yellow, little person, carpool rocket comes rolling up the street.  Here we go.  The doors open, I walk her on, she sits in her seat with a big smile on her face and waves to me.  I wave back as the bus drives away and, as soon as she can’t see me anymore, I BREAK DOWN IN TEARS!!!!  What the hell is going on?  Did she just burn me with my own “I’ll be right back” move?

My little girl just got on the bus all by herself and was on her way to school.  I was so proud of her and I couldn’t stop thinking about her the entire day - wondering what she was doing, if she was making new friends, if the other kids were being nice to her, etc.  All these things went through my head all day long.  I was sooooo anxious and excited to pick her up to hear about how her day went.  I honestly couldn’t wait! 

Finally, the school day was almost over!  I rolled up to daycare to pick them both up and there she was with a big smile on her face.  She was happy to see me, and I asked, “so, how was your day at school?!!!!”

My daughter, just like her mom, a lady of few words, “good”. 

Buying and selling real estate can be as nerve-racking as the first day of school.  Whether it’s the petrified first time or looking back on the memories as you move on life, we know how it feels and have the professional experience to guide you through it.  Never hesitate to contact us at to show you how we can take the stress out of all your real estate needs.  In the meantime, you can start your MLS™ listing search herecheck out all our other great blog posts here or browse our website for tons of great info for buying and selling in Greater Sudbury and surrounding areas.

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