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The Caswell Team


A Day In The Life of a Realtor® Mom

(Published on - 3/16/2019 6:19:10 PM)

Well I thought for my first ever blog the best thing for me to chat about would be a little bit about me and how for the last 4 years I have been working what feels like 10 jobs. The juggling act that comes with running my own successful Real Estate business, raising my two small children (3 and 1) and helping my husband build his business in new home construction and contracting (Carniello Contracting) is very trying at times.  But I couldn’t imagine doing anything else as, being all those things, including a full-time Realtor® here in Greater Sudbury for the last 11 years, has been amazing!

I’m going to take you through an example of one day in our household and I’m sure there are other working moms out there that can relate to the insanity and get a good chuckle…….

Our mornings consist of me waking the kids or one creeping into my room to tell me it’s time to get up because the sun is up! I may get 2 minutes alone in the bathroom if I’m lucky or I have a toddler standing there waiting and watching my every move. Then onto getting breakfast and lunches ready as I’m often too tired to do them the night before. Don’t forget your own breakfast, mom! Then it’s off to get the kids dressed and packed up into the car to head to daycare. First drop is the little one and then it’s onto daycare number two because one didn’t have room for the second. Ahhhhhh (the super relaxing “ahhh”, not the stressed out “AHHHH!”), the five-minute drive to work with just me and the radio – bliss.

Finally, I get to the office, open my computer and start confirming my showings that are booked for the afternoon while also doing a Market Analysis for a past client that is looking to sell their house. In my spare time (if there is such a thing), normally while I’m snacking lunch, it’s bookkeeping duties for my husband’s business.

After a full day of office work and 4:30pm approaches, it’s off to pick the kids up by 5:00pm.  I must get them home and begin dinner so that I can leave in time for my showings that start at 6:00pm. My husband walks in the door to take over, we get two minutes in passing to go over the current status of dinner, kids, bath time, etc., and off I go again!

Round 2 at work today as I meet my client to take them through 4-5 homes and they decide they would like to write an offer. Back to the office we go to discuss the offer details and sign. Time is of the essence in real estate deals, so waiting for a more convenient time for us isn’t an option in our profession. Then, it’s off to the offer presentation with the other agent and the sellers. Finally, the offer gets accepted after a couple counters back and forth.  Always fun in a snow storm when the house and sellers are in Hanmer and the buyers are in Moonglo!  Exhausted, I head home to have some reheated dinner before cleaning up and flopping into to bed for the night.  Wait, did anyone feed the dog?

Tomorrow – repeat.

All kidding aside, my favourite part about the real estate business is no two days, clients or properties are the same while being a mom is all about routine.  Having a career where everyday is different and a family routine to wake up with and come home to is the best of both worlds.  And being self-employed and having supporting teammates on my side gives me the flexibility to know when I need to take in some more family time!

Our team is incredibly diverse, and we can relate to any type of lifestyle you’re living.  Whether you’re a busy family, newlyweds looking for your first home, enjoying the single life or anywhere in between, never hesitate to contact us with any questions, to see how we can help you by sharing our knowledge, expertise and daily life experiences.  You can reach us anytime through our team email account – – and keep coming back here to see what’s new and exciting in Greater Sudbury real estate!

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