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Angela Mullet - Biography

It all started in 2001!  I was cleaning new construction for a contractor.  Got a job in the office of the same and was offered a sales position in real estate!  16 years later here we are!  Many homes sold, built, and bought. I have started from the beginning and went to the end in construction.  Do I know it all?  No way, but what I do know is so helpful to the homebuyer or seller.  


Real Estate is only one of my "jobs".  I have a sales position with a company called Undercover Eyewear.  If you go into your local Harley Davidson dealership you are likely to see us there!  I enjoy meeting people and this shows in my line of work.  I am not shy and I am very likely to give my opinion even when you don't ask for it.  This can be a little "off putting" so I always try to ask permission before I do so.:)  


My husband and I along with our two girls and their husbands, attend church and pay tithes.  This is one of the ways we give back to the community and the world.  Our local church is BIG in Missions!!! We love that a portion of our tithes goes to help locally as well as around the world.  


Flowers are my at home passion.  I love investing my time in landscaping around our home.  This is a time for prayer and reflection on all that God has done for us.  We are thankful.  


So if you are looking for an agent with your best interest at heart, who knows a "little" about the process....Give me a call!  I will be in prayer for you and your transaction from day one!  I don't believe in "luck".  I want God to be there every step of the way and I hope you do too.

Areas Served

Here in Mid America our beautiful towns exhibit the beliefs and traditions of the founding fathers.  We celebrate holidays in a big small town way.  The Cities of Park Hills, Desloge, and Farmington are wonderful places to raise a family.  Want a little bit more "out of the way"?  Try Ironton, Arcadia, Bismarck, Fredericktown.  You won't be disappointed in any of them.  They all have their own special flavors to offer.  


I have lived in this area 51 of my 53 years and I call it home!  Let me help you find yours.  And let me add that if its city life your looking for Arnold, Imperial, Hillsboro, and Festus, just to name a few, are all areas I know well.


So lets get to it!!!


Helping you find the home that suits you!!! Thats what I do!  My life long relationships in the area make this task achievable.  We will start at the beginning and get you where you need to be.  See something thats not listed?  Lets give it a try.  What about the home for auction?  Yes that too!   Give me a call today.